3 Tips for Dog-Inclusive Vacations

Outside of work, as dog owners we try to do everything we can with our pup. We take them to the park, eat at dog-friendly restaurants, interacting with the neighbors, and more. However, one of the most difficult tasks we face is planning out vacation. So, The Dog Stop has 3 tips for dog-inclusive vacations that will make planning the perfect trip with your pup much easier.

1. Picking a Destination that Matches your Dog’s Personality

owner giving dog water

Every dog is different, and this point negates a one-size-fits-all answer to “Dog-Friendly” locations. What one dog may like, the other may not. In magazines and on destination websites, we see very picturesque examples of dogs running and playing Frisbee on the beach.  Most dog owners’ inclination is that their dog will like that, too. Psst.

Just like some humans, there are dogs who also hate sand, large bodies of water, and people running around. Or, suppose you have an older dog that prefers cooler environments, or a Saint Bernard that overheat easily. In all these instances, a beach vacation my not be the best for you and your pup. Maybe an alternative like traveling to a cooler destination would be a better fit.

Active trips, such as those that include hiking trails or lots of walking, would work well if your dog is full of energy and excitement.

Consider all of your options, taking in your dog’s personality, before making the trip. Research dog-friendly getaways that are  affordable and fun for everyone. The nice thing is, most dogs’ behaviors reflect that of their dog owner over time.

2. Finding Truly Dog-Friendly Hotels

There are plenty of hotels that indicate they are “Dog Friendly” on their amenities. There are plenty of hotels that indicate “Breakfast Included.” When you arrive to the dining area at 7 am, the options are a soft apple and weak cup of coffee.

Finding a truly dog friendly hotel is not as easy of a task as a box being checked on the amenities. Luckily, dog owners are proud and often share experiences. So dive into a little research. It can go a long way in finding a hotel that really makes a dog happy.

Talk to friends, read reviews online and look for examples of how the hotel is dog-friendly other than just them saying it. For example, a place like Woof Cottages Nantucket exemplifies the word dog-friendly. (If having the word “woof” in their name wasn’t enough proof.) They also have a pet concierge, dog beds, and more amenities that demonstrate that they’re dog-friendly.

You can also determine if a  hotel is really set up to care for your dog  if they say things like, “Dog Bowls Available”, “Walking Distance from a Dog Park”, “Dogs Welcome in Restaurant”. These are all  telling clues that they actually are positively disposed to dogs.

3. Not All Travels Are Suitable for Dogs

There are a million things that can be thrown in the way to make a trip not suitable for your adorable dog. Ranging from the type of trip to the location, from the age of your dog to their health needs, and so on.

While traveling for work in a city that feels foreign to you and getting back to the hotel to be greeted by your best friend, is a great feeling, it may not be best for your dog. Keeping your dog locked in a hotel room that is confined and strange to them could add to their anxiety levels, in addition to the hustle and bustle of traveling there.

Visiting friends and family, especially when staying at their residence, presents a whole other consideration for you – what if you’re imposing on the host? Do they own a non-sociable dog? Do their kids have pet allergies? Is their house not set up in a dog-friendly way (think expensive, fragile decorations at tail level)?

Is your dog’s energy level just not there anymore? Does he or she overheat too fast? Is your pup in need of a strict routine?

In any situation, trying to force things to fit is often not the best case. Understanding there are some trips that are truly just not in the best interest of your dog to go on in is an important consideration for dog-owners looking to vacation. Understanding alternatives are an important consideration and you need to make sure you have options available from a neighbor your dog can stay with, a dog boarding facility nearby, or a dog sitter to stay with your dog.

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