5 Ways to Utilize The Dog Stop Boarding Services This Summer

The Dog Stop provides dog boarding services so your pup can join in on some summer fun!

You aren’t the only one looking forward to downtime this summer. Your furry friend is wanting to enjoy the warm weather, too! However, summer can keep us pretty busy. To find that perfect mix of relaxation and recreation for your dog while you get caught up in summer activities, check out The Dog Stop’s boarding services!

We offer everything your dog needs to feel safe and loved while still getting play time and attention. It’s like an all-inclusive vacation for your pet. Have a puppy still in training? We can offer classes during your pup’s stay to help you out this summer!

It makes it easier to do your thing knowing your dog is being cared for and having a blast. We listed just a few reasons below that summer is calling you.

  1. Are You Going Doggy Paddling? Not all dogs are fans of water. If your furry friend is looking to stay dry this summer, keep him away from the boat and board him instead! And while you soak up sun on the lake, your dog will stay sand and mud free. Don’t forget to check out our grooming options to ensure that you both get some down time and pampering this vacation season.
  2. Moving to a new place? When your life is in boxes, it can get chaotic moving things through open doors and gates. The last thing you need is your dog running into unfamiliar streets or getting traumatized in your old neighborhood. Have one less thing to check off in your moving list by having your favorite roommate run and play with The Dog Stop until your new home is ready!
  3. Going to a Concert? Sometimes your pooch just doesn’t share the same music taste as you. Loud concerts can get pretty confusing or even terrifying to him, too. While you enjoy your favorite band, your dog can have his own entertainment and everything else he needs all night.
  4. It’s Wedding Season! And while you wish you could cut a rug with your pup, your hotel’s pet policy says otherwise. Skip the wedding crashing and give your dog a weekend vacation of his own! There will be no cake involved, but still just as much fun for him without the pricey dog tuxedo rental.
  5. Going out of Town? Jr. has his out of town baseball tournament coming up. Everyone wants to go to the coast for the 4th of July. Fido is happy chasing fly balls and avoiding fireworks right at home. Keep him close by with his friends at The Dog Spot while you travel. With any extended stay, The Dog Stop offers the 7th night free!

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