Dog Training Through The Holidays

Winter: Winter weather can bring lots of unexpected challenges for pet owners. Frolicking in the snow is great fun for dogs and a fantastic photo op, but it’s not so fun once that ice gets packed between their toes! Salt is widely used to keep sidewalks and driveways clear, but would you want to walk […]

Dog celebrates halloween

How to celebrate Halloween with your dog

It’s almost that time of the year where you can dress up as your favorite superhero icon or a scary-looking character! Every dog owner should be excited when Halloween comes around because this is also the chance to dress up their little pooch! Besides dressing up, there are also so many fun activities to be […]

Dog coughing

What is Kennel Cough?

No dog owner wants to see their pooch get sick, but unfortunately, we all feel a little off from time to time. One of the common sicknesses that affect dogs is kennel cough. Also known scientifically as canine infectious tracheobronchitis, this highly contagious respiratory illness has symptoms similar to the common cold in humans. Because […]

Dog smiles for photo

How to get the best photo of your dog

Getting the perfect insta-worthy picture of a dog is often easier said than done. However, everyone wants a cute picture of their pup to show off to friends and family. So to help you make the best of this activity, we’ve compiled some tips and tricks that will help make your pup’s pictures more adorable […]

owner looks at dog

What your dog’s poop means

Your doggy’s poop may come in all forms and colors. Although there’s a bit of an ick-factor when it comes to checking your pup’s poop, it’s crucial that you monitor their stool regularly as this can indicate a lot about their health. Certain colors, sizes, and textures are important factors that you should look for […]

Dog celebrates independence day

Dog care tips for Independence Day

The 4th of July celebration is coming up fast, and you know what that means: parties and fireworks. While it may be a fun time for us, it can be a stressful time for pups. It’s no secret that dogs aren’t a big fan of fireworks and big crowds. If you’re planning to include your […]

Sad looking dog

Reducing dog separation anxiety post Covid-19

  The stay-at-home orders due to Covid-19 have given dog owners plenty of time to spend with their lovely pooches. Although your dog probably doesn’t understand why you’re home all the time, they’ll probably be loving the extra attention they’re getting. However, as the country slowly opens up again, you’ll need to reintroduce your dog […]