Woman sitting with the dog in the park and using phone

Five Apps Every Pet Owner Must Have

Must-Have Apps For The Tech-Friendly Pet Owner These days, there’s an app for just about everyone, including pet owners. Pet apps are loaded with many features that help you to safeguard your pets, stay organized and even save money. Best of all, many pet apps are free or low cost and are available for both […]

Dog Walking With Owner But Dog Stop Dog Walkers Can Help

Buying from a breeder vs. adopting a dog

  The Internet and classifieds are filled with advertisements for breeders, so finding someone trustworthy with experience can be tricky. If you’re going the purebred route, it is essential to acquire your dog from a reputable breeder. Dogs bred in the wrong environment can cause significant behavior and health issues that can cost you money […]

Hot Car Reminder - Drop Your Dog Off At The Dog Stop Instead of Leaving in hot car

Attention Dog Owners: Hot Car Reminder!

  It’s not uncommon to pile into your car with old Buster to run your Saturday morning errands. However, think twice before allowing your dog to sit in your car unattended for any period of time. As tempting as it may be to ride around with your sidekick – windows down, ears flapping in the […]

Dog Stop Dog Daycare With Outdoor Play area so dogs can have fun outside

Dog-Friendly Events in Pittsburgh: Summer 2017

Pittsburgh has grown into quite the dog-friendly city. We’re packed with a slew of dog-friendly restaurants and you’ll have no problem finding a dog park in almost any neighborhood, so it’s no wonder things have expanded to large events geared specifically to our four-legged friends. As June kicks off, the pups over at The Dog […]

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In-Home Pet Services are On the Rise

A popular trend in dog services is in-home pet care, where dogs can rest easy in their own homes, and dog owners can rest even easier knowing their dog friends are in good hands. Whether you’re at work or on a trip, someone needs to take care of your dog while you are away. If […]

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Best Dog Parks in Pittsburgh

  While most Pittsburgh area dog parks and Off-Leash Exercise Areas (OLEAs) are open year-round, springtime is the time of year when many dog owners dust off their sneakers, break out the dog leash and hit the trails! There are over thirty dog parks located around Pittsburgh. Below, some of our dog friends at The […]

Owners that care about pet hygeine should consider dog grooming at the dog stop

Dog Care Tips for You & Your Pup!

Proper dog care involves more than providing unconditional love, endless belly rubs, and the best food; it also requires regular bathing, grooming, playtime, and exercise. Of course professional groomers and pet care specialists – like the experts at The Dog Stop – are best able to help you maintain your dog’s care needs, but there […]