Happy dogs in daycare

How Doggy Daycare Changed Over Time

The life of dogs has significantly changed since they were first domesticated some 20,000 years ago. One of their main purposes was to be a herding animal on the farm, and now they’ve made their way to our home and our hearts. The emergence of doggy daycare was fueled by this new relationship between canines […]

Dog waiting for owner

What your dog gets up to when you’re at work

  Leaving your dog home alone while you go to work is never easy. It’s not easy for you and it’s not easy for your pooch! Leaving your beloved canine companion alone for too long can have negative effects on their health. It can be really difficult if you’re working a regular 9-5, which is […]

Caring dog handler and lots of dogs

The Benefits Of Doggy Daycare

  It’s hard these days to be the perfect pet parent. It’s even harder when you need to go to work but your poor dog is at home alone all day. We totally understand your concerns, but there is a great alternative, and that is doggy daycare. If you’re new to this concept, doggy daycare […]

The Dog Stop Dog Day Care and Boarding Shows Dogs While They Play Together

A Day in the Life : Doggy Daycare

I yawn as I eat my breakfast. Truth be told I’m not that hungry after eating that entire jar of peanut butter, but perhaps Mom didn’t see the empty container I left in her laundry basket. I guess she’ll find it later. Then I hear it: the jingle of keys. Holy smokes, it’s Monday! How […]