How To Help Your Matted Dog

Matted dog hair is not only an eyesore, but it’s also a pretty big discomfort to your dog! Dogs’ hair can become matted for a number of reasons including when they get wet and after a long time without grooming. It’s crucial that you address the problem as quickly as possible as untreated matted fur […]

Dog smiling with teeth

How to care for your dog’s teeth

Many dog owners don’t understand the importance of their dog’s dental hygiene. Just imagine if you were to stop brushing your teeth for an extended period. It’d be pretty unpleasant and you’d have a pretty high risk of having some kind of dental disease! The same goes for doggies. In fact, dental diseases in dogs […]

Summer dog groom

Dog Grooming Advice For Summer

Summer is fast approaching and everyone is excited, including your dog! Summer is the season to enjoy the outdoors, soak up the sun, and have some fun together. However, keep in mind that hot weather also poses some potential issues for your furry friend. Dogs can really feel the heat, so it’s essential to keep […]

Brushing dog coat

How can I make my dog’s coat shiny?

  A reflection of a healthy dog can be seen from their appearance, and one big indicator is from how shiny their coat looks. The key lies in giving your canine companion proper grooming and care. It’s true that dealing with your dog’s fur depends on how thick or long it is. However, there are […]

Grooming pomeranian dog

How to get your dog used to grooming

There are many benefits when it comes to dog grooming. It doesn’t only make them look great, but it also makes them clean and healthy!  That’s why it’s important for every new dog owner to have your canine companion groomed regularly. Dogs should be groomed every 6 to 8 weeks, depending on your dog’s activity […]

Brown dog gets groomed at The Dog Stop

The Benefits Of Dog Grooming

  Dog grooming is strongly associated solely with improving the appearance of a dog. But did you know of all the other benefits? Not only does getting your dog groomed make them look and smell amazing, but it can also help with their overall wellbeing and health. Here are a few of the top benefits […]

5 Fun Hairstyles For The Holidays

The holidays are a time for festivities and looking our best. We go shopping to buy new outfits; we go to the salon for manicures and pedicures and to make sure our hair is looking its best.   As you prepare yourself and your family for the holidays, don’t forget the furry members of your […]

The Importance of a Stellar Groomer

By: Alexandra Wepner at September 12, 2018   Pet Age spoke with Tiffanie Morton, a pet stylist at The Dog Stop in Trussville, Alabama, to learn about the importance of high-quality grooming and how it strengthens the rest of the business.   Q. As a groomer, what’s a typical day for you? A A typical day starts […]

If Your Dog Needs a Nail trim, have the Dog Stop's Professional Dog Groomers Take care of it

Dog Hygiene 101: The Importance of Trimmed Nails

  Keeping up with your dog’s hygiene is an important responsibility that should never be ignored. The dirtier the dog means the greater the risk of injury and infection. This week, The Dog Stop takes a closer look at why keeping your dog’s toenails trimmed and the occasional pedicure will help your dog stay healthy […]

2 Dogs getting Pirms While They Read Dog Grooming Magazines

Grooming tips for a Healthy Dog

  No matter what time of year it is, every season presents its own reasons for why dog owners should keep a close eye on their dog’s fur, skin, and ears. However, the summertime is when you’ll really want to give your pups a thorough go-over as their time outside may increase greatly during the […]