Dog walking with harness

Is a harness or collar better for dog walking?

While dog collars are still commonly used for dog walking, harnesses are becoming more popular. One is not necessarily better than the other, but each has its advantages and disadvantages in certain situations. In general, the effectiveness of them depends on the type of dog you have. Let’s look more at the pros and cons […]

Easter dog

Easter Gifts For Your Dog

Easter is fast approaching, and you know what that means—time for baskets full of chocolate gifts and treats! But don’t forget to include your lovely pooch in this once-a-year celebration! You might be wondering, what gifts you should I give my furry friend on this special day? Let us help, below are some of our […]

Pet store with dog toys

The Different Types of Dog Toys

  We all know that dogs love their toys. There are so many for your dog to choose from, but not all toys are created for the same purpose. While some are great for chewing, others are good for training, and some are good for their teeth! Dog toys can help you develop a stronger bond […]

The Dog Stop staff holding dog food

Which dog food is the best?

  When visiting your local dog food store, it can be a real challenge deciding on what food to get your dog. As the saying goes: you get out what you put in. But many dog owners aren’t aware that dogs really need a more omnivorous diet full of different ingredients. However, the problem arises […]

Staff holds a bag of dog food

The Real Cost of Dog Food

Giving your dog the best life possible requires a lot of love, time, money, and most essentially, dog food. When it comes to buying dog food however, many dog owners are more concerned about the price over the quality. But often low-cost food means lower-quality ingredients.   In the short term, spending more on your […]

Best Dog Daycare Near Me Has Water for A dog at the dog stop

Choosing the Right Dog Food for Your Pet

No dog food is created equal and not every dog requires the same nutrition. Puppies require different food than their senior counterparts, small dogs have different needs than larger breeds and some dogs prefer wet food over dry food. Over time, nutritional needs change with age and life changes like illness and pregnancy and like […]

Great Dog Chews Available at the dog stop dog retail stores

Yakety Yack : Himilayan Dog Chews

Looking for a long-lasting, healthy treat? Or maybe you’ve been searching for a more easily digestible alternative to rawhide. Well, look no further, and introduce your pup to a Himalayan Chew. Himalayan Chews are a hard cheese treat. They are odor free and long lasting. There are only four ingredients – yak milk, cow milk, […]