Do Dogs Make For A Good Holiday Gift?

Are you thinking of gifting someone with a dog for the holidays?

The Dog Stop is here to give you the pros and cons.

We’re happy people and don’t want to be a downer, but we’ll start with the cons because they need some serious consideration.

First and foremost, are you sure the dog is a good personality match for the recipient? If it’s a surprise gift, the downside is they haven’t yet met the pup to see if they are compatible. Maybe the dog is too energetic, or even too laid-back, for the person? Or it’s too strong or not good around other pets or kids the recipient may live with. Think it out and remember the dog is for the person you are gifting it to and not for you. Many shelters believe pups rescued over the holidays as a surprise gift are more likely to be returned. That’s not good for humans nor dogs.

And then you have to consider the recipient’s lifestyle. Do they work or attend classes outside of their home? Are they super-social and spend a reasonable amount of time with friends and family at events, or do they like to pick up and travel? Can they afford daycare and boarding for the hours they’re away, and can they invest the time needed to care for a pup, ensuring it gets exercise and playtime daily?  Money and time are both influential factors in pet ownership. Veterinary care (routine and emergency visits), nutritious food, a crate, and enrichment toys must be figured into the recipient’s budget once the dog is their sole responsibility.

As you can see, there are many factors to contemplate before gifting a dog. Good intentions and the surprise effect should only be a small part of your final decision. But once you have thought everything through and concluded it’s the right decision, we have two pieces of advice: be patient and wise. Instead of putting a ribbon on the dog you’ve picked and handing it over, why not give the person a dog stuffy with a card on its collar, letting them know they’re getting a new dog as a gift from you, and then make it happen. After the holiday rush, take them to a shelter and let them and the dog decide if they’re a perfect fit! After all, there is the truth that dogs pick us, and not the other way around. This is the start to a happy, healthy relationship. Wait….there are health benefits to owning a pet? There sure are! Check them out here.

In the meantime, keep the excitement level high by searching for the perfect one together on There you’ with the cons because they need some serious consideration.

First and foremost, are you sure the dog is a good personality mall find all kinds of dogs with different appearances, personalities, needs, and backstories, and ‘build’ your dream dog for when it comes time to actually adopt. And remember to keep The Dog Stop in mind for any of your pup’s needs, from daycare, to boarding,  to grooming, to training, to treats, to food, to toys, and more! Yeah, we got it all and pride ourselves on treating your dog as our own!