Dog care tips for Independence Day

Dog celebrates independence dayThe 4th of July celebration is coming up fast, and you know what that means: parties and fireworks. While it may be a fun time for us, it can be a stressful time for pups. It’s no secret that dogs aren’t a big fan of fireworks and big crowds. If you’re planning to include your pooch in your Independence Day celebration, make sure to follow our useful tips below. It’ll help them feel safe and prevent them from any dangers that dogs may encounter during this year’s festivities.


Keep your pooch indoors

Dog enjoys pats on couchAs much as you want your best furry friend to join the celebrations, it’s more likely that your dog will prefer to stay in a quiet place, away from all the noise. If you know that your pooch gets nervous and is frightened by loud noises, you should keep them inside your home.

Create a comfortable and safe place in your house and make sure that the windows are closed to minimize the noise. It’s also a good idea to put some music or any other background sound to mask the noise outside.

If you have guests coming in and out of the house, you can keep your dog inside their go-to places, such as the bedroom. Bring in your furry friend’s favorite toys and treats to accompany them. To prevent your guests from barging in accidentally, put a do not disturb sign on the door.


Keep them away from food and hazardous items

Now, if your canine is the type that can go out and enjoy the party with you, you’ll still need to be cautious. There’ll be a lot of food going around during the festivities. It’s important to remember that even if the food is safe for us to eat, it doesn’t mean it’s safe for our four-legged companions. Foods such as onion, chocolate, and grapes are toxic to dogs.

Also, make sure your dog is safe and away from the fireworks’ leftovers which have toxic ingredients in them. You don’t want your pup to be sniffing around these chemicals!

Lastly, if you’re attending your neighbor’s party and they have a pool, always keep an eye on your pup. Remember that not all canines can swim. Leaving them unsupervised when near the pool can lead to many problems.



Black dog with collar

Wear proper collar or harnesses with ID tags

According to some reports, more pets are lost during the 4th of July than any other day of the year. You don’t want one of these to be your furry friend. Ensure you have a sturdy and safe collar or harnesses when going outside and have your dog’s ID tags in place, just in case they run away or get lost.

Be picky with when you take them out for walks, and that is when the fireworks displays are finished. One of the main reasons that pups get lost or manage to run away during Independence Day celebrations is because they get scared of the loud noises coming from the fireworks.

The key to keeping your furry companion safe during the 4th of July celebrations is to understand how they react to noise. If you know they will be scared, you should consider letting your pooch stay at home. If you know your dog can handle it, always make sure you have all the precautions in case of an emergency.


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