Fireworks Frenzy – Ways to Calm Your Dog Down as the Explosions Go Off

Summer is full of celebrations involving fireworks and bottle rockets.  While it may be a fun time for those of us not suffering from PTSD, it can be an extremely stressful time for dogs. They might express their heightened anxiety by non-stop barking and howling, panting, or hiding. They may even try to run away to try to escape the sounds. None of these reactions are healthy for your pup.

If your dog exhibits any of these reactions, we do have some tips to keep them safe all the way up to the grand finale.

Keep your pooch indoors

As much as you want your best furry friend to join the celebrations, it’s more likely that your dog will prefer to stay in a quiet place, away from all the noise. You can add a level of comfort by creating a comfortable and safe place in your home.

Close windows to minimize the noise and turn on some music or any other background sound to make the noise outside. Place an unwashed article of your clothing near your dog. It will make them feel more secure

If you have guests coming in and out of the house, you can keep your dog safe by putting them in a bedroom.Bring in their favorite toys and treats  and hang a ‘do not disturb’ on the door so that your guests don’t accidentally barge in.

Anti-Anxiety Meds and Calming Products Can Work Wonders

Well before you expect fireworks, thunderstorms, or loud noises, try one of the many meds and anti-anxiety products available that may keep your pet calm. Of course, talk to your vet first for any Rx scared of fireworks

There are over-the-counter supplements, chewables, drops, sprays, and even clothing that can reduce their stress. You’re going to have to slowly experiment and be patient to determine which works best on your pet. Thundershirts, available in select The Dog Stop locations, claim to have a calming effect on 80% of dogs wearing them and there are people who swear by quality CBD products, while others say hemp treats work best for their pup.

Fight, Flight or Freeze – 3 Unhealthy Modes

Darran Rowe, canine behaviorist, trainer, and contributor to explains fireworks frights in this way:

“When your dog is scared of fireworks, they move into a survival mode – Fight, Flight or Freeze. The flighters run away, the fighters become more aggressive and bark lots, the freezers sit in the corner of the room and shiver.”

  1. Keep them inside
  2. Create a calm place inside your home
  3. Take their mind off the noise
  4. Calming techniques and Wraps

Now, if your canine is the type that can go out and enjoy the party with you, you’ll still need to be cautious. There’ll be a lot of food going around during the festivities. It’s important to remember that even if the food is safe for us to eat, it doesn’t mean it’s safe for our four-legged companions. Foods such as onion, chocolate, and grapes are toxic to dogs.

Also, make sure your dog is safe and away from the fireworks’ leftovers which have toxic ingredients in them. You don’t want your pup to be sniffing around these chemicals!

Lastly, if you’re attending your neighbor’s party and they have a pool, always keep an eye on your pup. Remember that not all canines can swim. Leaving them unsupervised when near the pool can lead to many problems.

Wear proper collar or harnesses with ID tags

According to some reports, more pets are lost during the 4th of July than any other day of the year. You don’t want one of these to be your pup. Ensure you have a sturdy and safe collar or harnesses when going outside and have your dog’s ID tags in place, just in case they run away or dog with collarget lost. Also, keep your pup safe not only on Independence Day, but year-round. Fireworks have become an American way to celebrate just about everything!

Be cautious with when you take them out for walks, and that is when the fireworks displays are finished. One of the main reasons that pups get lost or manage to run away  is because they get scared of the loud noises coming from the fireworks.

The key to keeping your furry companion safe during firework celebrations is to understand how they react to noise. If you know they will be scared, you should consider letting your pooch stay at home. If you know your dog can handle it, always make sure you have all the precautions in case of an emergency.


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