Dog Training At Home vs In A Class

Dog training class

As a dog owner, it’s important to know your responsibilities, and one of those is for your dog to be well trained. There are so many benefits to dog training, not only will they be better behaved but they will learn important social skills which will make both of your lives so much easier. But where is the best place to train your dog?

The two main options are for you to try by yourself, or in a class. Both options require a professional trainer to make your dog training as effective as possible.

Training your dog at home by yourself does sound much more convenient. It allows a flexible schedule, and you don’t have to drive to doggie daycare to drop and pick them up. However, there are benefits of bringing your pup to training that you wouldn’t otherwise get at home. Let’s look at these more in detail.



Your Dog Gets To Socialize


Socialization is one of the most crucial aspects of any dog training program. It’s vital to the well-being and development of your pooch. Having your dog trained at home will exclude them from this important part.

Having your Fido trained at home will also mean that they won’t be acclimatized to the outside environment. Imagine walking your pooch when they’re not used to seeing other dogs, animals, or people. How will they react to all of this? For their safety and others, you need to get your dog’s behavior in check before bringing them outside.

A well-behaved dog will listen to you and, as a result, will be easier to keep away from danger.

In a class, your beloved pup will meet other dogs and get to interact with them as well as with other people. Moreover, classes have plenty of in-built distractions that can help your pooch get used to the chaotic outdoor environment.


Training In A Safe Environment

Dog being trained to sitDog care facilities are specifically tailored for the safety of your dog. You can, of course, make your home as safe as possible for your canine companion. However, when it comes to home training, there are many limitations including limited space & training equipment and potential unconsidered hazards.

Good dog training classes will have all the potential hazards figured out. The surrounding environment plays a significant role in your dog’s training development. For example, one study found out that an in-class environment has been proven to make dogs more receptive to commands from their owners.


Engage In Different Types Of Classes


Many dog care providers offer different training classes that suit the needs of your pup. Whether you want to train your pooch to be more obedient, or to follow specific commands, we’ve got it all covered.

Many dog owners don’t see the value of bringing their dogs into a class environment. However, studies have shown that bringing your pup to a training class will help eliminate anxiety, fear, and aggression.

Remember that dogs are like us. They need to have a balanced life, which includes having some private time and also time to socialize with fellow canines. Bringing them to the training class will provide them with these valued moments.

Dog sits in obedience class


Of course, with Covid-19 some of these classes may have slightly different schedules until further notice. Get in touch with your local The Dog Stop for further information.

Another option is to download our all-new app, where you can schedule a Virtual Training session right from the comfort of your home!