Going out of Town? Schedule A Dog Groom


If you’re headed out of town for your long-awaited summer vacation, chances are you’ve probably made your dog boarding reservations at The Dog Stop®. Still deciding which spa service to book with your hotel concierge? Why not consider doing the same for Fido?

While your dog stays at The Dog Stop®, take the opportunity to enjoy some of our grooming and spa services. Our Grooming & Padicures services include everything from a total all-over groom to a simple nail grinding. Take advantage of the following services and come home to a clean and happy pup!

  • Full-Service Grooms include a shampoo, haircut, blow-dry, ear cleaning, nail trim, anal gland check, and a fancy new bandana.
  • Full-Service Baths include a shampoo, blow-dry, ear cleaning, anal gland check, and a fun bandana to compliment Fido’s clean coat!
  • Nail Grind services are conducted carefully with our specialized nail grinding tool safe for your pup.
  • Quick Trim services are a quick nip of the nails. Short and sweet!
  • Musher’s Application is a special blend of food-grade, non-toxic materials formulated to moisturize and protect your dog’s paws.
  • Additional Services include flea baths and de-shedding treatments.

Mutt Nose Best Natural Pet Products

The Dog Stop® only uses Mutt Nose Best Natural Pet Products for all our grooming services. The Mutt Nose Best Natural Pet line of shampoos, conditioners and sprays are of a Sulfate-Free and highly biodegradable formula. These are premium products made from the finest ingredients, promising the health and safety of your pet – a 100% guarantee. All products are available at The Dog Stop’s Retail Store.

If you’re off to the beach or just visiting relatives for a weekend, make all of your dog boarding and grooming service reservations at The Dog Stop nearest you. We are located in many places around the country!

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