Grooming Your Dog’s Fur: Shag or Shear

Your dog’s coat is unique, from texture to length and color. Just like the hair on your own head, your dog’s fur requires certain care, depending on the coat. During extreme temperature waves—such as in the summertime or during winter—it is important to know exactly what specific dog grooming services your pet requires. Should you keep your dog’s current fur length, cut it short, or groom your dog’s fur somewhere in between? From shag to shear, The Dog Stop has all-inclusive, award-winning grooming services and advice for every type of canine.


Consider the Condition of Your Pet’s Fur 

One of the first tasks you should do when choosing pet grooming services is to consider the condition of your pet’s fur. Are there knots matted within your pet’s coat, or does a brush glide through tangles with ease? Does your pet’s fur feel soft and smooth or rough and greasy? Though every pet needs a good, frequent bath, not every pup needs a haircut too. Know when and how to trim your pup’s fur, if at all.


The Importance of Fur’s Functionality

Keeping fur short in the winter is not a good idea. A pet’s fur coat is equivalent to you dressing in a coat, boots, and gloves when outside in winter. Yet, making your pet’s fur as short as possible in the summertime is also not the best grooming option for maintaining a healthy body temperature. Depending on the breed of your pup, for instance, trimming fur can actually be detrimental to regulating body temperature during waves of heat. Fur that fails to cover your pet’s skin also makes your pet susceptible to sunburn and other damage from UV-rays. Grooming your pet’s fur is about more than style maintenance; it’s about functionality, safety and comfort.



Decide How Much You’ll Devote to Grooming

When it comes to grooming and styling, it is necessary to decide how much energy, time, and money you are willing to spend on fur maintenance. For instance, if you are on a budget or want to save time, you do not want to go with a sharp-cut style that needs regular trimming. Instead, give your pup a relaxed look. This will minimize grooming visits, costs and time spent at the groomers, while still maintaining your pet’s fur care needs.



The Dog Stop is the Place Where Tails Go to Wag!

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