MANIAC MAGAZINE: Puppy Love – The Dog Stop

People with dogs often refer to their canines as their “babies,” and much like those of us with real (human!) children, sometimes it is just as difficult to leave pets in the care of someone else.  How can you be sure they’ll treat your dog like part of the family when you have to go out of town? Luckily for Pittsburgh residents, there is a family locally-run business that has created a haven for your animal friend.

Jesse Coslov and Chris Kane founded The Dog Stop in 2009 to fulfill the needs of dog owners who have professional and personal obligations that take them away from their pets, but who still want the best care possible.  After researching the industry and the needs of the community, Coslov and Kane created a place where “dogs would love to come and play, and pet owners would feel 100% confident in the superior care their dogs were receiving.”

Initially, Chris and Jesse expected to average 20 dogs per day, but by the end of their first year in business The Dog Stop was averaging 80 dogs per day.  They were able to achieve such amazing results because of their commitment to safety, meeting the needs of their community, and offering peace of mind to the families entrusting them with their dogs.  The faces of the dogs in their “doggie cams” on their website speak for themselves—The Dog Stop treats your four-legged friends with the utmost care and respect.

The Dog Stop is more than just a temporary boarding facility; in fact, it considers itself to be a one-stop-shop for dog owners. Whether you want daycare, grooming, walking, training, or retail items, The Dog Stop is the place to go.  The owners pride themselves on their ability to meet the needs of pet-owners in the area.  Additionally, The Dog Stop thinks of all of their customers as part of their family.  What more could you ask for from the people caring for your doggies?

The success of The Dog Stop is evidenced in their ever-increasing locations including East End, Strip District, and South Hills, which are owned by the Chris and Jesse, and a fourth location, which is a franchise.  The new location is in the Emsworth/Sewickley area, and is owned by Chad Glick and Jennifer Ferris-Glick.  The announced franchise is just the beginning of Chris and Jesse’s “aggressive plans” for continued expansion.  A second franchise location in Monroeville is slated to open by the end of 2014. With so many dog owners looking for quality services for their pups, it stands to reason that The Dog Stop would be in high demand.

In addition to the ways they provide for our canine pals, The Dog Stop is committed to serving the community through the financial support of over 50 dog-related community-based charities every year.  They see this support as the least they can do for the community that has facilitated their success and for the dogs in the community they love so much.  There is never a shortage of dogs that need the help of the community, and The Dog Stop is happy to help.

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