Monthly Mutt – February Issue

Breed Spotlight!- Viszla

Reed doing the Viszla proud

Breed originally in Hungary, the Viszla has a strong background in hunting both as a pointer and a retriever.  These early tasks have made the breed especially attached to its owners.  Affectionally nicknamed the “Velcro Viszla”, they can often be seen leaning or sitting on their owner’s legs.  The Vizsla has been used in the development of several other well-known breeds including the Weimaraner and the German Shorthaired Pointer.  With its keen sense of smell and desire to serve, Viszlas make wonderful working dogs and thrive with tasks!



Rescue Spotlight-Paws Across Pittsburgh!

Paws Across Pittsburgh is a foster based, non-profit animal rescue located in the Pgh area. Run entirely by volunteers, Paws focuses on rehabilitating and rehoming all animals, often travelling great distances to bring a pup to their care.  They recently started a LOVS program (Lifetime Of Veterinarian Support for Senior Paws Program) to help encourage the adoption of elderly dogs and cats.  For more information, visit


Upcoming events:

Paws Across Pittsburgh will be holding their 2nd annual bowling fundraiser at Nesbits Lanes in Plum, PA on 2/25 From 3-5pm. Tickets will be $15 per person in advance and $20 per person at the door. Tickets include 2 hours of bowling, shoes, pizza and pop.  All money raised will go directly to care for the animals currently in rescue! For info and tickets or to be a lane sponsor, please email Tickets can also be purchased at

Want to get involved?  Go to and find ways you can help!  Even if you can’t give your time, ask about how you can donate items in need directly from Amazon including:

  • No-slip collars
  • Leashes
  • Puppy pads and dog treats
  • Dog and cat flea medications



Doggie Date Night

GM Joie getting her smooch on with Duncan

If you’re like me, Valentine’s Day will be spent with the furry loves of my life (because they don’t judge the 3 sizes too big grey sweatpants with the wine stains on them, thank you very much).  With all of the love they show us throughout the year, don’t they deserve a little extra TLC on such a special day?  With that in mind, here are a few ideas for how you can make your V-Day paws-itively perfect.


  • Have a picnic in the park! Or, a candlelit dinner for two if mother nature hurls a frozen tundra at us (watch out for the inevitable wagging tails around an open flame).  Open a can of Merrick’s Sweetheart Stew and enjoy an evening of staring into those big dopey eyes.
  • Movie Night-may I suggest something more like Homeward Bound and less like Old Yeller? Settle into a solid cuddle session and watch out for the unavoidable slobbery kissfest*
  • Treat Yo Self. Take you and your BFFL shopping and spoil yourselves rotten.  Many retailers are very dog friendly (Hello Anthropologie!)-not just pet ones!


  • Cry Yourself to Sleep
  • Sulk in the sadness of loneliness and despair while listening to the Spotify Play list – “Drinking Whiskey Alone in a Dark Room” (actually exists).


Whatever you decide to do this V-Day, take a moment to reflect on all of the love in your life and know that we appreciate you sharing your furbabies with us to love each and every day <3


Tips for the perfect smooch!

  • Keep your dog’s breath in check with Fresh Breath Liquid Floss and their Tri-Floss Ball! Simply spray on the rope ball to and let play time become a good teeth cleaning
  • Spray Mutt Nose Best Eau de Toilet on your smelly pup (my favorite is the Pumpkin Patch)
  • Use Mutt Nose Best Natural Healing Stick to keep your pup’s pout extra kissable. Made with natural ingredients like hempseed oil and wild Maine blueberry, you can use it too! But maybe get your own…


Presidential Pups

There’s an old saying, never discuss politics and religion in polite company (unless it’s Thanksgiving and your trying to ignite the annual family brawl that’s about as traditional as the pumpkin pie).  But, what about political dogs?  Leaders of our country have a long history of canine pals in the oval office.  Beginning with George Washington and his 30 some pups, including Tipler, Tipsy and Drunkard (my kinda man), America has come to expect a furry friend at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Calvin Coolidge even once said, “Any man who does not like dogs and want them about does not deserve to be in the White House.”  Warren G. Harding had a pooch, Laddie Boy, that was even thrown birthday parties at the oval office (shameless plug: if you want your pooch to have the presidential treatment, ask your favorite Dog Stop team members about our awesome birthday bashes!). John F. Kennedy loved his pups Shannon, Clipper, Charlie and Wolf so much that he requested they meet him whenever he arrived at the White House by helicopter.  Another memorable pooch was Gerald Ford’s golden retriever, Liberty.  Rumor has it, Ford had a special signal he would give Liberty whenever he wanted to end a meeting.  Liberty would go up to the person who was speaking and wag her tail, essentially silencing them with her cuteness.  Bill Clinton famously had a chocolate lab named Buddy that truly tested his bipartisan strategies when it became the nemesis of first cat, Socks.  As we celebrate President’s day on February 19th, let’s raise a toast to some of our most memorable POTUS pups!


Simon at The Dog Stop Strip District feeling pawsitively presidential


Oliver getting the royal birthday treatment

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Dogs of the Month:


Strip District-“Max and Maple”