Monthly Mutt – March Issue

The Dog Stop’s March Monthly Mutt

Breed Spotlight!

Berger Picard.  Gesundheit.  The first time I tried to say this breed’s name I sounded like the Swedish Chef, “Bergerrrrr Percarrrrd.” Ok, it’s pronounced “bare ZHAY pee CARR” (that’s with at LEAST one pinky up, thank you).  One of the oldest French Sheepdogs, depictions of the Picard can be found on centuries old tapestries, engravings and other works of art.  Due to warfare in France from both World Wars, this breed was on the brink of extinction until breeders began in the early 1950s to restore the Picard from the ground up.  In the US, this rare breed is gaining in popularity due to its feature in such movies as “Because of Winn-Dixie”.  As the case with most herding breeds, the Berger Picard can be quite intelligent and very sensitive to the tone and manner of their owners.  Early socialization is key to have a well-mannered pup as well as regular and consistent exercise.

The Swedish Chef agrees, Ruby from The Dog Stop Strip District is one fine Bergerrrrr.

Spring Showers (and baths) bring April Flowers

We’ve all been there – those sad eyes, piercing your soul in desperation while the rain converts your best friend to a wet mud pie pup. Six inches of dirt (at least) envelops your sweet little angel’s hind-quarters, while you, in a depth of concern, side-eye that white couch and give up all hopes of your Mother-In-Law visiting before the turn of the next century (okay, so maybe it’s not all bad ????). Or let’s be honest, we could be talking about a typical Friday night at the Dog Stop during the spring monsoon (I’m looking at you Bernedoodles).

Unlike most single-moms, nurses, or teachers, not everyone has time on their hands to bathe their dogs – that’s where we come in! Here are just a few ways you too can be the hero of the home:

  • Grooming Wipes
    • Earthbath; comes in such varieties as Green Tea+Awapuhi as well as Mango Tango (Mai Tai not included ????)
  • Waterless Shampoo
    • Bio-Groom; unique PH formula that cleanses and deodorizes, while adding that “new car shine”
  • Full-Service Spa Experience (for when the inevitable can’t be avoided)
    • Contact your local Dog Stop and prepare to be jealous of your pup
  • $3 garden hose from your local hardware store – we all can’t be Beyonce.

Dirty pups need lovin’ too.

Did You Know?

By keeping the hair around your dog’s legs and hind-quarters trimmed, you reduce the amount of dirt and mud they attract while running around. Call your local Dog Stop to schedule your next appointment.


Rescue Spotlight!

Hello Bully is a Pittsburgh based rescue founded on rehabilitating and restoring the reputation of Pit Bulls.  In 2011, Hello Bully purchased a property north of Pittsburgh in order to house homeless pups as well as survivors of dogfighting.  With a strong emphasis on acclimating their residents to home life, Hello Bully’s volunteers work tirelessly to build strong bonds founded on loving care.  Please visit to see Hello Bully’s donation list.

Upcoming Events

Hello Bully is holding their Annual “Lovers Not Fighters” Gala on Saturday, April 28th from 7pm-11pm at the Wintergarden at PPG Place. Visit Hello Bully for tickets and more information!

The Dog Stop, Mutt Madness

(We will announce the winner of the bracket in our April edition of the Monthly Mutt.)

In honor of the NCAA Basketball tournament, and the excitement of watching your bracket turn to shambles after the first weekend, we decided to create our own version. We randomly picked 16 breeds and put them head-head in a single elimination bracket. Now, no matter who you root for, there are no losers come March!

Fun Fact; There are over 46 Universities that share the Bulldog as their Mascot!

The Dog Stop Pittsburgh’s Dogs Of The Month

From Left to Right: Moses O’Brien: The Dog Stop Sewickley, Ziggie: The Dog Stop East End, Roxy: The Dog Stop South Hills, Mahogany: The Dog Stop Strip District


Monthly Coupon: March 2018

10% off any Earthbath or Bio-Groom grooming products