Dog Care Tips for You & Your Pup!

Proper dog care involves more than providing unconditional love, endless belly rubs, and the best food; it also requires regular bathing, grooming, playtime, and exercise. Of course professional groomers and pet care specialists – like the experts at The Dog Stop – are best able to help you maintain your dog’s care needs, but there is also much that you can do at home for your dog’s all-around health in between visits with the pros.

Your dog’s hygiene necessities

Regular hygiene practices are as necessary for your pet as they are for you. Have a bottle of pet shampoo on-hand for weekly washes and emergency cleanings for when your pet gets into something messy. Stay on top of your pet’s dental health by doing at-home teeth cleaning with pet-specific tools. Ear care is another important hygiene necessity since neglected ears are prone to ear infections and other discomforts.


Grooming Basics

Fur maintenance is an essential part of proper grooming and pet care. Be sure that there are no knots in your pet’s fur to sustain a healthy coat. At home, invest in a brush that keeps fur tangle-free – brushing both after and in-between bathing times. Nail care is also important for your pets. Short, rounded nails prevent scratching injuries, torn-up sofas, and worse. Decide whether you are going to grind (file) or clip your pet’s claws. With these at-home grooming basics, your dog will be ahead of the game for its next grooming.


Playful Essentials & Exercise

Playtime is a perfect way to keep your pet in shape, inside and out. Chasing toys, going for walks and runs, and other stimulating activities are essential to your pet’s physical, mental, and emotional health. If your pet does not have an active and engaging lifestyle, being under-stimulated could induce sedentary habits and lead to health issues. Keep your pup busy, not bored.


The Dog Stop is Where Tails Go to Wag!

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