How to get the best photo of your dog

Dog smiles for photoGetting the perfect insta-worthy picture of a dog is often easier said than done. However, everyone wants a cute picture of their pup to show off to friends and family. So to help you make the best of this activity, we’ve compiled some tips and tricks that will help make your pup’s pictures more adorable and extra special.


Use doggy treats to get their attention


Getting your doggy to stay focused on the photoshoot will be one of the main challenges, especially if your pooch is active or wiggly.

One effective way to get their attention is by using treats. If your little Fido is new to cameras, you’ll need to get them used to it. Some dogs do get fearful when they see something unfamiliar, and this is pretty understandable. To make them feel at ease, associate the camera with something positive, in this case, their favorite treats. Reward your pup with treats throughout the photoshoot, especially when they behave well in front of the camera.

Another hassle that you’ll encounter is making your canine look straight at the camera. Hold their favorite treat at the angle you want and take that cute portrait pictures. Remember to have the camera on continuous mode so that you can get a lot of photos in a short timeframe.

Another tip when taking a portrait photo is to get down to your dog’s level. This will give a nice perspective of your four-legged companion.

Have some fun by taking action shots

Dog runs to camera

A photo session with your pup should be fun for both of you! Your dog might not enjoy the portrait session as much, but they sure will with action shots! This is the chance to have some fun together. Play some games with your pooch and let them run and jump around. If you have someone else to take the pictures of your wiggly friend in action, that’s great! Otherwise, taking it by yourself is still do-able.

Make sure you have the settings on your camera ready. You’d want a fast shutter speed to capture motion and prevent blurry pictures. If you’re using a camera phone, check out the settings. Most smartphones have an option to capture fast-moving images. Shoot away, and you’ll be surprised by how good and unique the photos can be.

You may have seen it online where canines appear smiling in photos. If you’re wondering how to do this, here’s the trick. Play with them for 5 minutes or so, and as they’re settling down, dogs usually have a big grin on their faces. Being active has a significant effect on your pooch’s mental health. An active dog is a healthy and happy dog.  Have your camera ready and try it out!


Make use of extra props

Another way to add the fun aspect to the photo session is to apply different themes to the photos.

Dressing up your pup is one idea. This is great if you’re looking to create funny-looking and cute pictures. However, make sure it’s nothing that would make your pooch uncomfortable.

If wearing a costume is too much of a hassle, you can pay attention to the backgrounds instead. If you’re looking for a summer theme, you can go to the beach and have the ocean and the waves in the background. For an adventurous idea, go to the woods and take pictures of your dog exploring.

You can also do this photo session from your home. Be creative and look around your house for things that can be used as props. You’d be surprised by how simple props and accessories can make a big difference.



Avoid using the flash


Dog smiles at camera on red backgroundTo avoid making your photo session more difficult, avoid using the flash. Dogs can get startled by it, and you don’t want to scare them away at the beginning of the shoot. Instead, find a location that has excellent natural lighting. Moreover, choose the right time for the photoshoot. Early morning and late afternoon are best for warm and natural sunlight.

If the weather isn’t permitting to take pictures outside, a flash might be needed for an indoor shoot. If this is the case, again, you need to create a positive experience with the flash. Toss them treats right after the camera makes the flash. This will indicate to them that treats will follow after the flash.



Use apps to give the final touch


Sometimes the pictures you take don’t come out amazingly. And sometimes, you don’t realize that’s the case until the end of the shoot. The good news is that you won’t need to retake the photos because there are many apps out there that can effectively solve this issue. Apps such as Adobe Photoshop, VSCO, Dog Photo Editor, and many others have features that can enhance your images and make them more fun-looking.


You sure want to have the perfect photos before posting it on your social media. So have fun with your furry friend by using these helpful photo tips.