Take your Monkey: Rocco’s Guide to a First Sleepover

I knew something was up. Mom scooped out my food, but she didn’t put it in my bowl. Can you believe that? Then she took Mo-Mo and put him in a bag. Mo-Mo! My favorite monkey! What was wrong with this woman? Was she possessed? I gave a small whimper as Mo-Mo peeked out of the bag, his beady eyes pleading for help.

“Don’t worry, Rocco, you’ll get him once we get to The Dog Stop for your sleepover.”

Sleepover? I thought back to when Mom’s human puppy had a gaggle of other human puppies over for a sleepover. The running, the jumping, the squealing, and the One Direction music – it was almost too much for a dog to take. I barely slept. The only silver lining was eating up all of their dropped popcorn the next morning. No, I was not interested in a sleepover.

“Don’t worry, you’ll have so much fun!” Mom promised. “You love it there!”

As soon as we got to The Dog stop, I saw my favorite girl behind the counter. I ran over to her and buried my face in her legs, trying to explain to her about the food and Harry Styles and Mo-Mo, but instead of understanding, she unsnapped my collar! I was stunned! There I stood, naked as can be with my monkey looking down helplessly from the bag. What was going on?

Thankfully she quickly replaced my collar with a new yellow one. It actually wasn’t too bad – lighter weight and let’s face it, yellow is my color. Then she sent me back to the day care rooms. What a relief! I bounded into the room and left my troubles at the door.

After awhile,  I noticed some of my friends were also wearing yellow collars. Odd. The day wore on, and one-by-one many of my friends went home. One of my human friends slipped a lead around my neck and led me to the door.
“Hungry, Rocco?”

Like he even had to ask. Together we walked back to a room within a room. Inside was a soft blanket, a big bowl of my food, and best of all, Mo-Mo! I gave him a good shake in my jaws. I hadn’t realized until now how hungry I was from all of the playing, and I plowed into my bowl. All around me, my friends with yellow collars enjoyed their dinners. A human walked by with a pumpkin Kong and dropped it in my kennel.

“I guess your mom wanted you to have a special treat, Rocco.”

As I chewed I looked around and saw that Bella had an elephant in her room. Did it play with Mo-Mo while Bella and I played in day care?

I wondered where Mom was, so I decided to snuggle on the blanket with Mo-Mo until she arrived. The next thing I knew, I woke up to one of my human friends bringing me another bowl of food. Score! I gave a big stretch. Mo-Mo and I must have accidentally slept through the night!

After everyone had breakfast, the humans took us outside for a potty break then led us into the day care rooms for another round of playing. Just as I was working up a really good layer of drool all over my body, the lady with all the flowery potions called my name and led me to a giant tub.

“C’mon, Rocco! Mom wants you to get a bath before you go home from your sleepover.”

I let her lather me up with her funny-smelling liquids (would it kill them to make one in a manure scent?) while my mind pondered my first sleepover. Those human puppies had it all wrong! Sleepovers were supposed to be fun and exciting, without a single mention of “hot guys” (whatever that meant).  I couldn’t wait to go home and tell Mom all about my good time.