The Benefits Of Doggy Daycare


It’s hard these days to be the perfect pet parent. It’s even harder when you need to go to work but your poor dog is at home alone all day. We totally understand your concerns, but there is a great alternative, and that is doggy daycare. If you’re new to this concept, doggy daycare is basically like a playschool for your dog. They’ll mix with other dogs, get plenty of playtime, and may even learn a few skills along the way. There are so many other benefits of dog daycare which we have gone through below.

Reduces stress and anxiety

Did you know that leaving your dog alone at home for extended periods of time can cause anxiety, barking issues and plenty of stress for your dog? That’s a lot to consider when you leave for work each day. A dog daycare facility, however, can make sure that your dog will be getting all the attention they need and want.


Gives them doggy interaction

Like humans, dogs are creatures of groups and need to be socialized regularly. Taking your dog to a dog daycare center is a great way to get their socialization in. Dogs that are great around people but fearful or aggressive of other dogs is a big red flag which indicates a lack of socialization.

Despite the differences in breed, size, and temperament, your dog will soon become accustomed to many types of dogs, making them more confident overall. When you walk them to your local park, you may start to see the benefits of their added socialization. Instead of being skittish or aggressive towards other dogs, they may start to interact more calmly and playfully.


All the exercise they’ll ever need!

Instead of sleeping at home all day, or creating havoc on your furniture – your dog could be getting plenty of exercise! Most daycare centers have plenty of activities for your dog, both inside and outside. They’ll be able to chase, run, jump, chew and tug on things, all day long. Not only is it great for their physical wellbeing, but it also means that they’ll sleep a lot better at night too. Exercise for them during the day means you’ll be able to skip the nighttime walking routine, giving you more time to do things at home.


You’ll be able to check in on them when you need

Pup-cams are a special set of cameras that The Dog Stop has fitted out in all daycare facilities. With 5 High Definition cameras live-streaming, you can see your dog at play from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.

The growing popularity of dog daycare is hard to miss – and it’s easy to understand why. You’ll be able to rest a lot easier knowing that your dog had the very best day possible. Stress reduction, dog interaction, plenty of exercise and monitoring and just some of the main reasons so many people bring their dog to The Dog Stop’s daycare facilities. If you’re looking for a place your dog will love, come and walk around in a location near you – we’d love to see you and your dog!