The Different Types of Dog Toys

Pet store with dog toys


We all know that dogs love their toys. There are so many for your dog to choose from, but not all toys are created for the same purpose. While some are great for chewing, others are good for training, and some are good for their teeth! Dog toys can help you develop a stronger bond with your pup. Below we have compiled for you the different types of dog toys and how you can apply them to your dog’s daily activities.


Interactive Toys

Dog looks at frisbee

This type of toy is meant to help you build a strong bond with your pup by facilitating fun! One of the simplest and most affordable interactive toys is a simple tennis ball. Pups love to run, so take this chance to play fetch with them. If you have a younger pup perhaps opt for something a bit more soft and squishy, and for an older dog, a tennis ball will do.

Another great interactive toy – the Frisbee! Hurl them into the sky and let your pooch jump and catch them!

Another game that your dog will love is tug-of-war. There are many cool-looking tugging toys out there. Hold one end of the rope, and let your pooch bite the other end and let the game begin!



Treat Dispenser Toys


One of the best toys to keep your pup happy and occupied are the ones that dispense treats.

As food is a canine’s primary motivator, you’ll be able to get them to do a raft of stimulating brain activities with the goal of reaching the treats. Check out PetSafe Busy Buddy toys that will make your pup busy and train her to be a problem solver at the same time.

Treat dispensing dog toys can be perfect if you have to leave the house for a short period and you need to distract your dog. Treat dispenser toys are also an effective tool to incorporate in your dog’s training program.



Plush Dog Toys


Selection of plush dog toys

Just like children, pups need a comfort toy to bond and snuggle when sleeping. Plush toys are the perfect comfort toy for any kind of pup. Although they are a popular choice of toy for many dog owners, they also have a misunderstood purpose. Plush toys often get shredded and ripped to bits, when in actual fact they are great to use for training. Your dog should be able to treat this toy with respect. If your dog thinks they can completely destroy their toy, it won’t be long before they start getting into your shoes and slippers!

To show your dog how to treat the toy gently, try stroking it and picking it up softly. Your dog should soon learn that this toy should be handled with care.

Kong’s cozies products offer many cute-looking plush toys for your furry friend to play with.



Chewing Dog Toys


Chewing toys tend to be made of very thick rubber or plastic which allows your dog to do some pretty excessive chewing. Unlike most of the other toys listed, your dog should have free reign to chew these toys whenever they fancy. Because chewing releases endorphins, it will help them calm down and prevent them from chewing other things around the house. These kinds of toys are excellent for dogs who suffer from separation anxiety.



Dental Toys


Dental toys are similar to chew toys, except they often have more ridges and grooves to get into all parts of your dog’s mouth. These dental toys are great for removing plaque and bacteria buildup. Just be sure to check the toy after each play session to ensure there are no notches missing. For added dental hygiene, pair these dental toys with some specialized dog toothpaste.



For any new toys you pick up from the pet store, make sure you supervise your dog when first playing with them. This is to ensure that each toy is perfectly safe for your dog to play with on their own.

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