Walk This Way : On-Leash Walking Tips

Everyone loves a good walk with their favorite furry friend. While the main goal is to get out in the fresh air and burn some energy, following these four simple steps can help keep you and your pup safe and relaxed through the entire process.

1. Walking by your side.

The correct way to walk a dog is directly at your side. Accomplish this by continual positive reinforcement with the dog. When the dog is at your side walking in the proper position reward him with a treat.

2. Length of leash is key.

Leashes that are too long can make the dog difficult to control. The last thing we want is Sparky pulling you to the ground when chasing a squirrel or running into a crowded street.

3. Hold your ground when your dog pulls on the leash.

Most dogs will attempt to pull on a leash. It is important to remember who is boss (hint two legs not four). Every time the dog pulls ahead stop the walk. Consistency is key when doing any type of dog training.

4. Resume walking only after your dog stops pulling on the leash.

Only reward your pup by continuing your excursion when he stops pulling on your leash. As always we recommend positive reinforcement to help facilitate this behavior.

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