What to pack for your dog’s vacation?

If you’re planning a vacation, chances are you’ll be leaving your four-legged friend in the care of others. As you pack your bags, it’s a good idea to start thinking about Fido’s suitcase too. Not sure what to pack for your furry friend? Here are some packing tips from your friends at of The Dog Stop!

  • Dietary Needs: All nine of our Dog Stop locations provide house food for our canine friends, but we also know a change in diet can lead to an upset stomach. Changes in food and occasional separation anxiety may not bode well for your dog. We encourage owners to bring their own food and provide information on how much and how often your dog should eat so we keep your dog on his or hers schedule.
  • Prescriptions, medications or supplements: Some dogs require extra care. Our canine caretakers are happy to administer medications or supplements as required. If possible, we recommend separating each dose in a plastic zipper bag marked with your pet’s name, type of medication and proper dosage time. Some medication should be taken with food; be sure to indicate this as well.
  • Leash: It’s a basic item, but can be easily forgotten. Always remember to leave at least one leash with us. If you have more than one, even better!
  • Toys or reminders of home: Did you know dogs have nearly 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses! Leaving your dog with their favorite toy or something else from home will make the transition from home to The Dog Stop as easy as possible. If your dog starts feeling down, they’ll always have something familiar to comfort them!
  • Vaccination Documentation: Any reputable dog boarder will require documentation proving your dog’s vaccinations are up-to-date. Be sure to pack this information for your boarder’s convenience.
  • Make a list of any special requests: Maybe your dog is a little older and needs some extra down time or maybe you’d like her brushed every day. At The Dog Spot we welcome any special instructions you may have and we’ll be happy to accommodate any requests within reason.

We know leaving your dog can be emotional for your dog and your family. At The Dog Stop, our goal is to make everyone as comfortable as possible. With plenty of preparation, our canine companions we’ll be sure to have your dog feeling right at home in not time!

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