Hi my name is Nellie, I am 1 year and 6 month old Golden Girl. I’ve been to daycare more than 100 times and I love it! I always hug my mom and dad before I go to the back and play! My pwends say that I am really sweet, and playful. I rarely lay […]

Rocky W.

Hello I’m Rocky a 9 month old Yorkie! I am one of the most energetic pups you’ll ever meet. When I get in for daycare my goal is to get the party started, and I always succeed! This summer I made so many new friends and more come in to yard 1 everyday! My favorite […]


Hi I’m Riza, a one-year-old Bullmastiff. When I come in for daycare the first thing I LOVE to do is give all my favorite handers hugs! Psst. . .mom says I shouldn’t jump but all pretty girls like myself knows how to get away with it. I have sssooo many besties here at daycare I […]


Hello, I’m Cupcake a one year old Dutch Shepperd mix and I’m literally as sweet as my name sounds. My favorite yard is play area 3 and I have a blast! On rainy days we like to play and chase, these are my favorite kinds of days with my puppy friends. On sunny days I […]

Teddy Bear

Hello my name is Teddy Bear and I’ve been been coming to The Dog Stop of Middletown for the majority of my puppy life. I’m only one and I’m a bonafide lady killer. I may be small but I’ve got a huge personality. I make friends super easily and welcome all the new puppies into […]

Belle A.K.A Princess Belle

Hi, my name is Belle! Also known as Princess Belle. I am a two-year-old lab mix that likes to run around. I am a regular here at The Dog Stop of Middletown and I’ve literally grown up here! Since my first day I was a rambunctious girl. I can totally fit in with any group […]


Hello I’m Peyton! I’m a six-month old Golden Retriever puppy, but I’m growing fast. I can already walk myself! Daycare is my favorite place to be and I come almost everyday to see my new best friends. There’s lots of puppies for me that are my age to play with which is awesome! I’m growing […]


Hello! I’m Harley, I am one year and seven month old Miniature Rottweiler. I’ve been to daycare over 200 times, and The Dog Stop of Middletown is my favorite place EVER!! I’m a bit of a wild one so I’ve made tons of ew friends in all three yards! My favorite game is running around […]


Happy New Year everyone! My name is Jules and I am your Dog of the Month for January. I am a one year and nine month old pit mix! The Dog Stop is my favorite place to be. I’ve been in daycare over a 100 times and I love it! My favorite things to do […]


Happy December everyone! Holiday season is here and what a better way to start December festivities by introducing me, myself and I! My name is Charlie I’m 1 year and 6 months old Rat Terrier mix. I am your December Dog of  the Month. Handlers always say I bring the party in every time I […]