Hello everyone, my name is Loki I am your Dog of The Month for July. I am an eleven-month-old Shiba-inu. I am always ready to play, I can be a little bit of a trouble maker, I like to untie the handlers shoes and I am very energetic. Just like fireworks, my personality is fun […]

Bella and Bob

Hi, our names are Bella and Bob, Bella is two years and three months old Shih Tzu and Bob is two years and 2 months old Ori Pei (Pug and Shar Pei mix). We enjoy hanging out in Yard 1 and cuddling on the bed together. We enjoy going to daycare every day. You can […]

Luna L.

Hi, I’m Luna, your Dog of The Month for May. I’ve sprouted unto a rambunctious little girl over the past few months here in daycare. I graduated from yard 1 into a yard 3 like a boss. I also attended training classes here at The Dog Stop Middletown and graduated with straight A’s! You can […]


Hi, my name is Jojo I am April’s Dog of The Month. I’ve been coming in as one of the regulars here at The Dog Stop Middletown. I’ve spent over 100 days in daycare so I know my way around, I can fit in with any crowd and can especially hold my own in yard […]


Happy March everyone! My name is Henry, I am an eleven-month-old cockapoo. I enjoy daycare with my friends in every yard. I can make anyone play and come out of their shell, I love it when handlers and other dogs chase me around. My favorite place to let my energy out is daycare! You can […]