Hello my name is Cash I am your Dog of the Month for March. I’m a one year old beagle mix, and just like my name I am more than rewarding. My bunny hops for love are greatly appreciated among my friends and the handlers here at The Dog Stop of Middletown. I often can […]

Lover Boy Kody

Hello, I’m Kody a six-year old English Lab, your Dog of The Month for February. I am known around The Dog Stop of Middletown as a notorious lover, not a fighter. My friends can always rely on me for cuddles and unlimited affection. I would love to be your Valentine this February. Every day of […]


Say hello to our resident Queen Bee Darcy, our Dog of the Month for January. She has bloomed into a beautiful outgoing little girl in yard 1. There’s never a day that she doesn’t grace us with a smile to brighten up our mornings here at daycare. Darcy has a welcoming spirit and is always […]


Hello, I’m Maggie a 9 month old catahoula mix with a huge personality and a bark to match. I’ve been coming to daycare for almost a year now and I can honestly say I love it. Everyday I come into the yard with a burst of energy and a skip in my step. Yard 2 […]


Hi, I’m Izzy C. also known as “Izzy Pizzy” I am The Dog of The Month for November. I am 11-month-old Miniature Aussiedoodle with a heart of gold, I like to tell the handlers that I am ready to play everyday my parents drop me off for doggy daycare. I have many friends here at […]


Good day everyone, I’m Luna an 11-month-old perfectly shy pitty puppy I am The Dog of the Month for October. I love to jump around with my friends in yard 2 or 3. Keep an eye out for me zooming around the yard raising daycare morale. I make new friends every day and can’t wait […]


Hi, my name is Lewey I am seven-month-old lab mix puppy. I am The Dog Stop Middletown’s Dog of the Month for September. I started coming in when I was a tinnie winnie puppy, socializing and playing with other dogs in yard 1. Now that I am a big boy and learned my social skills […]


Hello everyone, my name is Opie I am one year and seven months old pittie I am The Dog of The Month for August, I always announce myself every time I come to visit my friends, I love giving hugs to my favorite handlers, I enjoy chasing reflections and I am a firecracker when it […]


Hello everyone, my name is Loki I am your Dog of The Month for July. I am an eleven-month-old Shiba-inu. I am always ready to play, I can be a little bit of a trouble maker, I like to untie the handlers shoes and I am very energetic. Just like fireworks, my personality is fun […]

Bella and Bob

Hi, our names are Bella and Bob, Bella is two years and three months old Shih Tzu and Bob is two years and 2 months old Ori Pei (Pug and Shar Pei mix). We enjoy hanging out in Yard 1 and cuddling on the bed together. We enjoy going to daycare every day. You can […]