Hi my name is Dakota, I’m a one year old Pomeranian-Husky mixed A.K.A “Pomsky”. I am your November Dog of the Month. I started coming in at The Dog Stop of Middletown when I was two months old, I used to help run the front of the house and greet every customer that walks in with their pups. I love showing my toys to new people and giving free kisses away. I started playing with other dogs in the back when I was three months old, I love rough housing with the bigger dogs and wrestling with my bffs Zoe and Bentley “Wiggles”.  I’m one of the sweetest, most playful pup around that you’ll  meet. I can make friends in any of the yards, and just like a typical husky I get really excited seeing new faces and gets really curious about new things. Be sure to look out for me on the cameras in yard 1, 2, or 3 playing with my friends or taking my midday beautyrest.