About The Dog Stop® – Prices Corner

We take special care to ensure the wellbeing and happiness of every dog that comes through our door. Each dog that comes in has a special place in our hearts, and while some of them may need tough love when they’re being stubborn, we know that they’re your babies, and our primary focus is to make sure they’re being taken care of in such a way that exemplifies that.

Our staff is trained on basic dog behavior to more accurately monitor the play rooms, and to ensure to the safety of everyone in the room. Dogs are introduced individually for temperament assessments before being brought into the yard to determine play styles, and what room may best suit them.



Our kennels are cleaned every day to ensure that each dog has a healthy environment to sleep in. We wash the dishes and bowls they use after every meal, and we keep track of who is eating to better monitor and assess the dogs’ behavior.

Our groomers work hard to ensure each dog leaves looking, and feeling good. We do our best to communicate with our clients to ensure the full understanding of procedures like de-matting, and the benefits of shaving versus clipping hair.

We do our best to provide good, healthy products in our retail space. We specialize in grain-free food, with brands like Merrick, Taste of the Wild, Blue Buffalo, and Zignature. We also have a variety of treats and toys to further spoil your dog.