How to get the most out of at home dog training

Dog training at homeSince the Corona Virus outbreak started, outdoor activities have become limited. Many dog owners are scared to bring their dogs out, and it’s understandable. However, your pooch still needs to exercise and engage in dog training programs because it’s crucial for their overall health. While going outside may not be the best option right now, you can still train your pup at home. Here’s how you can make the best out dog training at home



Why is dog training important?

There are many benefits when it comes to dog training. Besides giving your pup a good workout, training can also help shape behavior and prevent any behavioral issues.

Moreover, training your furry friend is proven to strengthen the bond with them. When you have a good relationship with your dog, they will trust you, and teaching them will be a lot easier. Make sure you have your at-home training plans that are fun so it can also eliminate boredom.

Lastly, by being active, it can prevent the chance of your pooch from developing anxiety, stress, and depression.


Start with basic training programs

Training husky dogStart with a basic training program, such as obedience training. Teaching your pup to sit, come, wait, and stay, can make your life easier.

You’d want to be able to control them in certain situations, for example, when a guest comes to your home, and your dog starts to approach them or run towards the door. Obedience training can help your pooch listen to you, and as a result, will keep your pup and others safe.

It’s also essential to start training in a quiet environment with less distraction. Your four-legged companion can then focus more easily. Never use force or aggression in training. Doing so will be counterproductive, and you’ll have a hard time teaching your dog all over again.

Break your training program into sessions. Doing too much at once can overwhelm your Fido, and it’ll be harder for them to learn.



Use dog toys and rewards

If possible, use the reward system as dogs need to be motivated, and treats are the easiest way to achieve this. Upon successful completion, reward your pup with their favorite treats. Food is the best motivating force and a powerful tool to enhance canine’s ability to learn.

You can also incorporate some toys as reinforce, and games to your at-home dog training. For example, you can use toys such as balls and Frisbee to help with your obedience training. Have the ball on your hand and tell them to sit. Once they sit, throw the ball and let them fetch and come back to you.

If you make the training a fun one, your canine will be more likely to enjoy it and in effect, giving a better outcome.



Check out The Dog Stop’s App

The Dog Stop App

Dog training at home is no easy feat! That’s why The Dog Stop has launched our very own app, which includes virtual training sessions with a professional dog trainer.

If you don’t want to go outside, especially during the Covid-19 crisis, our virtual training is a good option. You can have your best furry friend trained from the comfort of your home. Besides virtual training sessions, you can also make online appointments, get in touch with our team via instant chat support, and use our online vet and emergency care services.