Dog Grooming

Caring dog grooming services for the Pinhook area


The Dog Stop – Pinhook, offers a variety of services including full-service dog grooms, baths, shed-reduction treatment, teeth brushing, nail trims, nail grinds, and more.

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Please Note: Prices can increase due to condition of coat, behavior, scissor cuts or feces removal.

Full-Service Dog Groom – Prices Start at $45, Depending on Breed

Includes soothing shampoo, haircut, blow-dry, ears checked and cleaned, nails trimmed, anal glands checked, and a bandana.

Full-Service Dog Bath

Includes soothing shampoo, blow-dry, ears checked and cleaned, anal glands checked, and a bandana.

• Add a nail trim for an additional – $5
• Add a flea bath starting at an additional – $10
• Add a de-shedding treatment starting at an additional – $10

A La Carte Services:

Nail Grind – $10

Includes Grinding down the nails with a specialized tool.

Quick Trim – $8

Just a quick trim of the nails.

Check out our Add-On Spa Menu!

Teeth Brushing – $10

Is a wonderful way to prevent gum disease. you can help promote positive gum function.

De-Shedding Treatment – $20

Known as The Furminator This service can reduce your pup’s shedding by up to 80%

Musher’s Application – $10

Safe, non-toxic way to moisturize and protect your dog’s paws. The semi-permeable shield is absorbed into the paws, allowing perspiration to escape through the toes. (cracky paws & great for our Louisiana dogs)

Ear Plucking – $15

Helps prevent ear infections by pulling the hair out of the ear.

Aromatherapy – $12

Add a calming experience to any grooming. Using CBD and lavender, your pup’s experience is sure to be relaxed.

The Works – $40

Add to any bath or haircut with an extra conditioner, teeth brushing, nail grinding, and musher’s application, and bandana – The full package.

Whitening Shampoo – $10

This great shampoo will make your pup shine. Recommended for dogs that have a white coat naturally.

Exfoliating Shampoo – $10

This shampoo is gritty enough that when you gently scrub your dog with it, it scrapes off all the dead skin. The result is one happy, dandruff-free dog

Pampering Your Pet with Exceptional Dog Grooming in Lafayette, LA.

Nothing feels as good as snuggling your dog when he or she smells fresh and clean and has healthy, well-groomed hair. We feel your pet deserves the best care at our facility, and dog grooming is a huge part of that care. If you wonder what is involved in our grooming services, you should know we offer all the traditional aspects of it, plus much more by our loving, attentive and skilled staff.

Your Quest for the Best Dog Grooming Professionals Is Over.

Are you asking yourself: “who are the best dog groomers in my area?”? Look no further than our facility. We use the highest quality, all-natural grooming products for enhancing the good health of your dog’s skin and coat. If your pet has skin problems, let us know so we can tailor his or her grooming services for providing soothing benefits.

Is Puppy Grooming As Important As Grooming Is for Adult Dogs?

While most puppies that come from a reputable breeder usually do not suffer with serious skin problems, young pups do still need regularly scheduled grooming to maintain flea and tick control. Our staff is trained to groom them and will have your pup looking forward to every bath. Our grooming staff includes paw pad moisturizing and more for enhancing your furry friend’s bathing and grooming experience. Call 337-628-BARK (2275) to learn how we can help you pamper your canine friend.