The Dog Stop® Delights

While all dogs staying at The Dog Stop® receive the utmost care, love, and attention, some clients have requested specific services that go above and beyond. In order to satisfy every client (both 2 and 4-legged), we have created The Dog Stop® Delights. This new service program offers dogs staying or playing at The Dog Stop® extra activities, treats, supplements, or 1-on-1 time with our canine caregivers to tailor their experience to their personal preferences! Check out the extensive list below and let us know which “Delight” you would like to pamper your pup with for his/her next visit to The Dog Stop®.


Room Service | $1-3 per Treat
CHOOSE $1: Bully sliceTreats/Small Whimzee
CHOOSE $2: Pig Ear/Cow Ear/Specialty Cookie
CHOOSE $3: Filled Hoof/Large Whimzee/Stuffed Kong

Puzzle Time | $10
Mind-Stimulating Puzzle Session with a Tasty Reward

Cuddle Time | $10
One-on-one cuddle time with a canine companion.

Digestion Aid | $2
Goat’s milk or pumpkin added to a meal to discourage GI upset due to stress.

Meal Topper | $2
Wet food mixed in with the meal to encourage picky eaters to finish their kibble.

Email or Text Updates | $5
Email or text including a photo/video of your pup(s), and an update on how their stay is going.

Leash Walk | $10 per Dog
15-minute one-on-one leash walk outside our facility

One-on-One Play | $10
One-on-one playtime with canine companion in private area or outside. Includes time with toys, fetch or your choice of activities.