Dog & Puppy Training

Dog & Puppy Training – Pinhook

This 5-week class is for puppies 10 weeks to 5 months old. This class encourages and reinforces good behavior by working on basic manners as well as socialization. Handling skills, potty training, crate training, and basic manners are among the topics covered.
Our adult class is for dogs 5 months and older. This 5-week class gives pets a solid foundation of basic behaviors. Untrained adolescent and adult dogs can become easily distracted by their environment, which is why this class focuses on important impulse-control exercises.
This 4-week class is sure to be a good time for you and your pup! We cover classic tricks like roll over and play dead as well as more advanced behaviors. A foundation of basic cues is preferred and dogs must be 4 months old to participate.
This class is for graduates of our Puppy Kindergarten or Adult Foundation classes. During this 5-week class, we will add distractions, distance, and duration to your dog’s basic cues and will also cover new cues like place, heel, and finish!
Our hour long workshops are designed to focus on specific behaviors that owners commonly have trouble with like leash walking and potty training. We also have Agility FUNdamentals and much more to choose from!

Recommended materials for dog training classes

  • Dog treats
  • Treat pouch/bait bag
  • Six-foot leash (please no retractable leashes)
  • Appropriate training collar

September 17, 24, Oct 1, Oct 8 ; Next Class: Oct 15, 22,29,Nov 5

Week 1

  • Focus
  • Sit
  • Touch
  • Emergency Recall

Week 2

  • Loose Leash Walk
  • Down
  • Handling Skills

Week 3

  • Come When Called
  • Wait (with bowl)
  • Wait (with Door)

Week 4

  • Drop It
  • Leave It
  • Puppy Pushups

~The goal behind the Puppy/Beginner course is to master the basics.

Sept 19, 26, Oct 3, Oct 10 ; Next Class: Oct 17,24,31, Nov 7

Week 1
  • Loose Leash Walk Review
  • Wait Review
  • Down/Stay
Week 2
  • Introduction to Heel
  • Come with Distractions
  • Sit for Greeting
Week 3
  • Continuing Heel
  • Sit/Stay
  • Shake
Week 4
  • On Your Bed
  • Spin
  • Completing Heel

~The goal of Intermediate is adding distractions and distance to existing commands, adding in commands centered on impulse control, and mastering a few tricks.


Week 1
Pace Changes with Heel and Loose Lease Walk

  • Salute
  • Gentle

Week 2

  • Stay with Distractions
  • Continuing Salute
  • Heel Through Obstacles

Week 3

  • Roll Over
  • Army Crawl

Week 4

  • Continuing Army Crawl
  • Continuing Roll Over
  • Wave

~The Advanced course is intended for dogs who have already mastered the basics, so this class is more centered on perfecting the heel and learning more difficult tricks.