Tyrian is part of our loving ‘trio’ at The Dog Stop consisting of older sister Bailey, middle child Tuco, and Tyrian as the youngest. Of the three Tyrian has the most spunk and joie de vivre at only six months old. He runs with both big and small dogs alike, running circles around them all […]


Meet Hank, a lovable, always ready for playtime, Great Dane pup!  Hank always wants to be the center of attention, going as far as using all his body weight to lean up on you to get you to pet him. He never lets his giant stature deter him from making friends, loving all small and […]


Introducing Tasha, a fun-loving playful 8 month Siberian Husky! As one of our first “regulars” Tasha came to us a relatively shy and reserved pup, but has now blossomed into one of the goofiest, most playful pups around. She’s never met a dog she doesn’t want to be besties with, and her silly antics keep […]