Common Bad Dog Walking Habits

Walking is one of the most important and anticipated activities for your dog. There are a lot of benefits that your furry friend can get from just a simple walking session. Not only does it provide essential physical exercise and the time for them to relieve themselves, but it also offers the chance to strengthen […]

How to get the most out of at home dog training

Since the Corona Virus outbreak started, outdoor activities have become limited. Many dog owners are scared to bring their dogs out, and it’s understandable. However, your pooch still needs to exercise and engage in dog training programs because it’s crucial for their overall health. While going outside may not be the best option right now, […]

How To Use A Clicker In Dog Training

Using a clicker is one of the most effective versions of positive reinforcement dog training. The technique uses sound to mark a moment when your dog has done something correctly. A clicker can be anything from a mechanical noisemaker to snapping your fingers, blowing a whistle, and even words such as “yes” or “good.” The […]