How To Get Your Puppy Ready For Dog Boarding


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For many of you returning to work or going away for work, leaving your puppy at a boarding facility can be a daunting thought. These life changes can be stressful for both you and your pup. Below are some things you can try to help ease the process of leaving your pup at a boarding kennel.


Adjust your puppy’s routines before boarding

Leaving your pooch at a boarding kennel means that they’ll encounter a new environment and routines which will be different from what they’re used to. These routines can be anything from their sleeping habits, eating, or being with someone familiar. Prior to leaving your pup at a boarding kennel, you’ll need to adjust them to new routines.

You should ease them into being away from you, preferably a few weeks before they’ll be left at the kennel.  Keep your furry pooch in a different room from you a few hours a day. This will be incredibly hard for them at first, but they’ll soon learn to get used to it.

If your puppy likes to sleep with you, you’ll need also to change that. In a dog boarding facility, they’ll be sleeping alone, and a sudden change to their sleeping routine can be a shock. Put their bed in a different room to yours, again do this at least a few weeks before you expect to go out of town.

Preparing as much as possible is crucial in preventing separation anxiety, which could be bad news for your pup’s wellbeing.


Holding a puppy

Have some familiar items from home


Staying away from home is never easy for canines as they are relational creatures. One way you can minimize the negative effects of separation is to bring something from home that your dog loves. For example, your pup’s favorite toy or blanket to accompany them when they sleep. Have a bag full of your dog’s favorite items ready to go. A slice of home will make your dog feel more secure.


Feed your pup appropriately


It’s important that you don’t spoil your pup with treats the night before going to a boarding kennel. While it may sound like a nice thing to do, you want to avoid it. Overfeeding and sudden dietary changes can cause an upset stomach and therefore may worsen the stress for you and your pooch.

When canines are excited or nervous, indigestion problems can follow. You need to make sure your pup’s tummy is in good shape before they enter the new environment.



Contact the boarding kennel

The Dog Stop staff helps new customer

Another essential step you should do before boarding your furry friend is to contact the facility and find out what programs they offer. See if their programs match your pup’s character and needs. You can then start making some adjustments at home in accordance with what your dog will be doing at the boarding facility.

Besides their daily programs, look for additional facility offerings such as live streams and cameras, so that you can check on your dog while you’re away. Knowing that the boarding facility has all the right tools for your Fido will make you feel more at ease when leaving them

It will also be important for you to see what vaccination requirements are needed for your pup. Ask the kennel what you need to bring along from the vet to ensure they’re compliant with the kennel’s policies.


Bring your puppy into your local The Dog Stop location, and we’ll be happy to show them around so they get comfortable. Our staff will gladly answer any questions you may have so that your pup’s stay with us will be the best yet!