Hi there! My name is Willie and I am a young chocolate lab who just loves coming to daycare! The best part of daycare here at The Dog Stop is when I show the handlers how smart I am by doing a trick, like sitting, because then I get rewarded with belly rubs! Who wouldn’t […]


Hi! My name is Jellybean and I’m a one year old Pit Bull Terrier. Currently, I’m a foster at the Dog Stop looking for my furever home. My favorite activities are playing fetch and cuddling! *Jellybean is a foster through Pet Match Rescue. For more information on them or Jellybean, visit their site http://www.petmatchrescuepa.org or find […]


Hi! I’m a shiba-inu puppy and I love coming to The Dog Stop for daycare! I get to run and wrestle all day and give lots of kisses! Thanks mom and dad for taking me to daycare!


I’m a 6 year old Husky Mix. My mom brings me to the Dog Stop while she’s at work. You’ll know when I’m here because I love to talk! I really enjoy playing out in the snow and running around with the other dogs in the yard!


I’m a 3 year old french bulldog. I love when my dad brings me to daycare. It always makes me smile when I get to see my friends and I hope to make lots of new ones in 2018.


Hi! My name is Zeus. I am a five year old Husky. I love everything about The Dog Stop – the dogs, the playtime, the people, the food! I love to tell everyone who will listen all about it! Everyone knows when I get to day care! As soon as I make it through the […]


Hi! My name is Buddy! I am a ten year old terrier mix. Don’t let my age or size fool you! I LOVE coming to day care and getting to run and play with all my friends especially the large dogs! The bigger the better!


My name is Onyx. I am a one year old, Portuguese Water dog. I love coming to The Dog Stop and getting to play with all my friends outside in the pool and with the hose. Is there anything better than water?!


Hi! My name is Dottie! I am a four month old, golden retriever puppy. I love getting to come play everyday at The Dog Stop Monroeville. My favorite thing is giving everybody puppy kisses! I think that makes me this year’s best valentine. (I wouldn’t mind getting some candy and stuffed animals)


My name is Tucker. Im a one and a half year old, lab border collie mix. I love coming to day care everyday and seeing what new treats my dad will by me after I’m done playing with my friends!