Sam, aka Sammy, loves to come and play a few times each week. He has been visiting us since he was a puppy!!


I’m a fun loving 3 1/2 year old Labradoodle that loves “jumping” around the play yard with my friends!!


I’m an almost 2 year old Frenchie who is both sweet and sassy! My mom brings me twice a week to play with my fur buddies and to get belly rubs from my human friends too!


Siberian Husky, Zion Rothrock: This strikingly handsome boy is almost 9 months old and “fun” is his middle name! He’s crazy about coming to daycare, especially looks forward to playing/hanging out with his girlfriend Nova 🙂

Mollie and Otis

We are the bestest of friends who love to play ball and have lots of fun at daycare! The entire staff looks forward to our bi-weekly visits!

Murphy Wise

Murphy is a sweet tempered, almost 3 year old Yellow Lab. He comes to play a few times a week and enjoys himself to the fullest!!