How to celebrate Halloween with your dog

Dog celebrates halloweenIt’s almost that time of the year where you can dress up as your favorite superhero icon or a scary-looking character! Every dog owner should be excited when Halloween comes around because this is also the chance to dress up their little pooch! Besides dressing up, there are also so many fun activities to be done with your beloved furry friend.

However, keep in mind that during this Covid-19 pandemic, the activities mentioned below will be slightly different and should be done with health protocols in mind. But don’t worry, you’ll still have plenty of fun with your pup on this year’s Halloween celebration. Without further ado, here are our ideas.


Dress up your pup in a cute Halloween costume

Dog in halloween costume

First and foremost, there’s no Halloween party without dressing up! You can dress up as partners with your dog or something totally different! It doesn’t matter. Both are fun ideas as long as you consider that whatever you choose, the costume must be comfortable for your little Fido and of course, adorable!

Here are some ideas on what to wear for the upcoming Halloween celebration:


The Halloween celebration is also a great time to capture cool photos of you and your pooch together. It can be hard to get that perfect picture, but there are some tips to get that Instagram worthy shot!


Treat-or-tricking with your Fido


Halloween without the traditional treat-or-tricking doesn’t seem right. However, in desperate times, there’s a desperate measure.

During this unfortunate pandemic, the CDC strongly encourages families to avoid high-risk activities such as going door to door for treat-or-tricking. Therefore, you must take into consideration the safety of your family (including your pooch) and others.

This is not to say that you can’t hold any other treat-or-trick activities. You can create a scavenger hunt-style trick-or-treat in the safety of your home! This is no less fun than going around the neighborhood door to door. You can also talk to your neighbors about hosting a small scale treat-or-trick event with some of the people, families, and pets that you know are well and healthy.


Play some fun Halloween-themed games


If you’re staying safe and staying at home this Halloween, you can still create a fun atmosphere to enjoy.

Create fun games to play together, and don’t forget to get Halloween-themed rewards for your pooch! Yummy dog treats will surely make your canine’s Halloween night a happy one!

You can really transform your home by putting up some Halloween decorations. This is a once a year festivity, so why not go all out, right?  Think about adding some skulls, carved pumpkins, or some DIY spooky dog toys!

If you’re looking for toys that you can incorporate in games and at the same time training your pup, here are some ideas.

Check out your local dog retail shop and pet stores around you for some more Halloween goodies.


Relax and watch some movies together

Watching dog halloween movies

If you or your dog aren’t the party type, you can always celebrate Halloween comfortably snuggling on the couch and watching some scary or fun Halloween movies! Here are some of our recommendations for your Halloween movie night:


  • Scooby-Doo: The Movie

Although it isn’t the scariest movie out there, the film features all the iconic characters from the cartoon, including Scooby-Doo, the dog, and many dog treats! This quirky mystery movie classic is a must-watch movie that is fun to reserve for this Halloween!


  • Disney’s Spooky Buddies

A fun and adventurous movie that features cute talking puppies that will surely get your dog’s attention. This is a perfect movie to watch with the whole family as well.


  • Isle of Dogs

One of the best stop-animation dog movies out there. It tells a story about a young boy searching for his dog following a canine flu outbreak. The movie has famous voice casts such as Scarlet Johansson, Edward Norton, and Bill Murray.


Halloween is coming up fast! Make sure you have everything ready for a fun and safe celebration! Be sure to pop into your local The Dog Stop location to look for some spooky toys and yummy treats.