Use The Dog Stop to celebrate Mother’s Day!

Dog Mom Beanies


So mother’s day is coming up.  What’s one way you can make her feel special? Well, treat her dog! Maybe her dog needs a groom (with a cute little outfit), or perhaps they can go into daycare so you can take her away for the day. The Dog Stop is ready to make your mum’s mother’s day the best ever!


Spoil your mum’s dog with grooming

Grooming a dog can be a daunting task for any dog owner. Give your mom a nice break on this year’s mother’s day by bringing her Fido down to our dog grooming service. We have professional groomers that will provide a spa-like treatment to make your mum’s furry friend feel relaxed and fresh.

Dog getting fur clipped

Did you know that grooming can improve the mental state of dogs? Yep, that’s right. And there are many other benefits that come with grooming, so why not try it out!

Choose from full-service grooms, nail trims, teeth brushing, baths, and many more offers.

Once her pup is done with their grooming experience at one of our locations, your mother will be delighted when her pup arrives on the doorstep looking brand new and smelling lovely!


Play with other furry friends

Dog getting hugs

Let your mom’s pup play with other canines on this special day! Drop your mom’s Fido at our daycare, and we can assure you that her pooch will have a fun and enriching time.

Dropping her dog at our daycare also means you’re giving your mum a break and some free time to do her favorite activities! Take this moment to have some quality time with your mother.  Have a nice lunch together, or let her get pampered by bringing your mom to the spa.

The benefits of daycare are plenty. Besides helping dogs with boredom, they can let out any excess energy and will allow them to socialize (which useful in preventing anxiety and bad behavior).

Our facility is equipped with large indoor and outdoor spaces, with interactive play equipment. Our staff supervises all group play.




Buy her pup some yummy dog food and treats

Woman selecting dog food

If your mother wants to spend the day with her Fido, no problem! Why not surprise your mother with a gift and also her pooch with some treats and toys!

Spend the day playing and feasting on some yummy food. Moreover, you can also take this time to play some fun games together! Include positive reinforcement methods in the games to make the best out of their playtime.

Check out our retail store, which features a variety of natural and healthy dog food as well as specific foods for different ages, diets, and breeds. Ask one of our retail experts at our shops to help you choose the best option for your mother’s four-legged friend.


Show your mum how much you love her through her best furry friend! Leave them with The Dog Stop to be groomed or to have a great time in daycare. We’ll make sure she has the best mother’s day yet!