April 2021- Willow

    Congratulations to our pup pal Willow for being April’s Dog of the Month! Willow has come such a long way since she first started coming to the Dog Stop. She has made amazing progress with our team and we are so happy to have her here. outside of daycare, Willow is an adventure […]

March 2021 – Addie

  This March, we give paws up to Addie for being our Dog of The Month! Addie is a sweet, gentle lady who comes to daycare regularly. She loves taking naps on our beds, and giving us snoot boops every time we see her! We love you, Addie! Thanks for always being such a good […]

February 2021 – Brody and Marvin

  Our February Dog… or dogs of the month are Brody and Marvin! These adorable brother Cocker Spaniels are daycare regulars! We see their sweet faces every morning. They play with every pup together, snooze together, and sit for treats together. This pair brightens our day! Thank you Brody and Marvin and Congratulations!  

January 2021 – Daks

Daks is a handsome boy who has always warmed our hearts. He’s sweet, curious, nimble & loves attention from dogs and humans alike! He is such a well-socialized pup and has very sweet and caring owners as well! Way to start the year off right, Daks! Congratulations!!

December 2020 – Eva

Eva is a beautifully intelligent Dutch Shepherd who just turned “the big 01” December 10th. She’s a well-trained, socially on-par clever girl who’s great friends with the ever-nonchalant Drake.      At a mere year old, Eva has already wrestled coyotes, lived to tell the tale and knows the necessary cue words to run back to […]

November 2020 – Hank

Hank Williams is a tiny beagle with a big personality. This little guy is not to be taken lightly and is a rough and tumble team player! He loves food, snacks, napping and playing with his best friends! Congratulations on becoming November’s Dog of the Month!!

October 2020 – Finn

Finn has been coming to daycare for years and has been a staff favorite for a long time! He enjoys coming to daycare, exploring nature and being a good boy. When he’s here, he enjoys playing good cop/bad cop with the other pups! He loves human attention more than anything and getting his picture taken! […]

September 2020 – Effie

Effie has been coming to daycare since she was a young puppy! She is a playful girl who loves giving hugs while standing on her back legs like a human. Effie enrolled in our boot camp as a pup and has excellent socialization skills around both dogs and humans. She is sweet, kind and loving. […]

August 2020 – Josie

Congratulations to August’s Dog of the Month, Josie! Josie is whip-smart and as fast as lightning. She can open gates, sneak kisses, and even jump over walls! We love waiting for whatever she will come up with next. Congrats, Josie!

June 2020 – Drake

Congratulations to June’s Dog of the Month, Drake! Drake is a Norwegian Elkhound/Siberian Husky mix and has been coming to daycare almost every day since he’s moved to Pittburgh! He’s an energetic boy with a flair for curiosity. Drake’s certainly the class clown and when he’s bored he will undoubtedly come up with something to […]