February 2021 – Brody and Marvin


Our February Dog… or dogs of the month are Brody and Marvin! These adorable brother Cocker Spaniels are daycare regulars! We see their sweet faces every morning. They play with every pup together, snooze together, and sit for treats together. This pair brightens our day! Thank you Brody and Marvin and Congratulations!



Want your pooch to win dog of the month? Join our pack and get them into daycare! We have tons of furry friends to choose from and the longer they stay, the better the chance! Did you know you also get prizes for winning dog of the month? Here’s the details below!

Dog of the Month Winnings: 


VICTOR: Free bag of your choosing (up to 30lbs) ZIGNATURE: Free bag of your choosing 

FROMM: Free 5lb or 15lb bag of your choosing 


STELLA & CHEWY’S: Free 3.5oz bag of meal mixers (any flavor) AND 

EVANGERS: Two free cans of wet food (any flavor)