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Dog Boarding at The Dog Stop – Strip District


We’ve all heard people say that it is impossible to go on a family vacation when you have a dog. The dog can’t come with you and you don’t know anyone that can watch him or her for you, so you simply choose not to go on the vacation. Lucky for you, The Dog Stop is here 365 days a year to watch after your furry family member. Our dog boarding services can keep your companion safe and sound while you are away from home, no matter how large or small he or she may be.

  • Our dog kennels are spacious and comfortable, with each one having its own bedding, food and water bowl, but you are welcome to bring any special items you’d like them to have if that will make them feel more comfortable during their stay!
  • Our boarding rates are all inclusive. If your pet has any special dietary needs, or requires medications, we can easily accommodate them at no additional cost.
  • While we can provide complimentary food upon request, sometimes it is better for you to bring your own food for your dog during his or her stay to decrease the chance of any GI upset due to a change in diet.

No matter the age, size or breed, we can provide a safe place for your dog to stay while you are away. Don’t forget about your youngsters too! We can offer puppy boarding for the little guys as needed, and siblings and friends can stay together in a kennel for comfort if you prefer. If you have any questions or concerns about our boarding facilities, or social interaction and play areas, please feel free to contact us at any time.


Single Dog $44.00
2 Dogs $79.00
3 Dogs $114.00
4 Dogs $149.00
5 Dogs $184.00

Includes room, bedding, bowls, and a full day of daycare. Dogs who cannot play in daycare will receive personalized one-on-one attention throughout their stay by our canine caregivers.

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Boarding Packages

1st Dog Additional Dogs Savings
14 days $490.00 $440.00 10%
30 Days $990.00 $890.00 15%
14 days with DSD $610.00 $550.00 10%
30 days with DSD $1,250.00 $1,120.00 15%

Add-on Options

Homecoming Baths are available at additional cost. Come home to a clean pup! FREE with stays of 7+ nights!

Please see our Grooming/Spa page for pricing and details of any additional services.

The Dog Stop Delights – Enhance your pup’s stay with a selection of snacks, supplements, and services – including bedtime snacks, cuddle time, leash walks, meal additives, calming treats, and more! For more info click here.

We Board 365 Days of the Year!

Whether you are looking for basic boarding in a safe, fun and loving environment or you are looking for an all-inclusive vacation for your dog, The Dog Stop® is the perfect place.

Boarding at The Dog Stop® is available 365 days a year. Boarding charges are by the night. Each pet is charged for the number of nights they stay regardless of the arrival or pick-up time. Our rates are all-inclusive, and there are no hidden fees.

Individualized Care

We are happy to administer medication, as well as follow any special dietary needs. Our guests will enjoy the same love, care and affection to which they are accustomed to receiving at home.

Free Doggie Daycare

Doggie Daycare is included with boarding prices for all of our overnight guests who pass a temperament test and are spayed/neutered. This allows your furry friend to enjoy hours of playtime with other pups. Each play area is under the careful supervision of our canine companions.

What is required for my dog to play/stay at The Dog Stop?

The safety and health of your pet is our first concern. Our The Dog Stop® Play/Stay contract includes a personality profile so we have basic information about your dog’s temperament and match him with the right playmates. All boarding dogs that participate in daycare must demonstrate adequate social skills and the ability to play safely. On the first overnight stay at The Dog Stop®, we will evaluate your dog’s interactions with other guests. If we find your dog isn’t daycare friendly, he will instead receive personal playtime with our canine companions.

Prior to boarding and/or daycare, you must provide proof of the following vaccinations from your vet:

Vaccinations & Flea/Tick Requirements

Prior to boarding and/or daycare, you must provide proof of the following vaccinations from your vet:

  • Bordetella – Up-to-date vaccinations
  • Parvovirus & Distemper – Up-to-date vaccinations
  • Rabies – Up-to-date vaccinations