All Classes held at Strip District Location!

Class space is limited, pre-registration is required for each class you would like to attend.

Puppy Class (12 weeks-6 months): Puppy classes will teach basic obedience skills such as sitting, lying down, staying in place, coming when called, and walking on a leash without pulling.  We will also show you how to curb common puppy issues including jumping and mouthing.  

Tuesdays 6:30-7:15

Saturdays 12:00-12:45 

6 for $100

Beginner Class (6 months and up): Beginner classes will build upon the puppy class curriculum.  In addition to basic obedience skills (sit, down, stay in place, come when called, walk without pulling), students will learn how to heel on a leash, greet others appropriately, and work under higher levels of distraction.  

Thursdays 6:30-7:15

Saturdays 1:00-1:45 

6 for $100

Therapy Dog Preparation (all ages): Therapy Dogs International is an organization that certifies dog and handler teams to visit hospitals, assisted living facilities, other institutions and wherever therapy dogs are needed.  Dogs must be at least 12 months to be eligible for testing, but it is never too early to begin preparing for the required exercises.  Our preparation class will walk participants through the testing requirements and provide practical instruction on training a therapy dog.  This class also helps prepare for the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen test. 

2nd and 4th Saturday each month 2:00-3:00

$25 each Class

Urban Agility (all ages): Urban agility is our adaptation of a traditional agility class, integrating obstacles, and treadmill training into a more compact space. Obstacle and treadmill training offer physical and mental challenges for any age or breed and help foster trust, confidence and teamwork between you and your dog. This class is open in format and no prior agility training is required. Urban agility is intended for recreation rather than competition, however attendees will learn the foundation skills for the sport. 

1st and 3rd Saturday each month 2:00-3:00

$25 each Class

Recommended materials for classes: 

  • Treats
  • Treat pouch/bait bag
  • Six foot leash (please no retractable leashes)
  • Appropriate training collar

Private Lessons

Private lesson:  A private session at The Dog Stop Training Center that is tailored to your specific goals.  This could include obedience, scent detection, agility, treadmill training , or any specific activity or behavior the owner wishes to learn.  $80/hour

Behavior modification:  A private session at The Dog Stop Training Center that is customized to address serious needs such as aggression, fear or separation anxiety. Please consult with the training staff before requesting this type of appointment. $100/hour

In-Home Training:  A private session in your home to address any issues that cannot be addressed at The Dog Stop Training Center. $150/hour

 Please email or call us at (412) 586-7878 to make arrangements.