Upper St. Clair, PA


Our Upper St. Clair, PA location features luxury boarding accommodations, an interactive and social daycare experience, a spa-like grooming retreatretail store, and much more. Our 15000 feet of outdoor space alone. With a water park and world class training facility coming soon. Also doubling inside to be 9000 feet for a total of 24000 feet. Whether it is running after balls, playing with friends, or taking a nap, your dog is guaranteed to come home satisfied!

Located on Upper St. Clair 1377 McLaughlin Run Road, Pittsburgh…

  • Over 7,000 square feet of clean, safe, fun for your dog
  • 100% climate controlled
  • Separate and secure play areas for dogs of all ages, sizes and energy levels
  • Back yard with special anti-microbial “grass” turf
  • Grooming and bathing services provided by our experienced groomers
  • Retail Store featuring the best dog food, treats, toys and accessories at every day low prices
  • Individualized care and concern for every dog
  • Adherence to the highest levels of kennel sanitation
  • Veterinarian recommended, insured and licensed


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