Say hello to Abby, our dog of the month for September! An avid fan of the water, she can always be found splashing about in one of our pools. Abby is popular with her four legged friends, and isn’t picky with choosing her playmates. However, she, Loki, and Annie are besties furrever!


Introducing the August dog of the month…  MOJO! His hobbies include, but are not limited to; sticking to his favorite handlers like glue, running around with his equally big buddies, Trooper and Hex, and finding the comfiest spot to nap! He’s a giant baby, but he’s our giant baby.


Our July dog of the month is Loki! This handsome boy prances happily around the yard without a care in the world. When he isn’t lounging around with his good pal, Bentley, of course! Our Loki knows that he’s fabulous, and now you do too!



Our June dog of the month is… MAX!! This silly little guy has completely won over all of our staff with his BIG personality! He loves sunbathing, toys, and his best friends, Prince and Zara! And just in case anybody was wondering, this spunky boy gives the absolute best hugs.


  My name is Nieya.  I came to the Dog Stop as a baby cotton ball and have become a favorite among all of my two and four legged friends! I love my best friends Viking and Gracie but I’m not too picky when it comes to a play buddy. I also love to have […]


I came to the Dog Stop as a baby and seemed to grow up overnight; but don’t be fooled by my size I still have all of my puppy energy! I’m a big sweetheart and I love giving all the handlers hugs and kisses. I make friends here easily but my best friends are Trooper, […]