Febuary: Pepina

Pepina is a sweet, playful Bernedoodle that has been part of The Dog Stop family since she was a baby.

January: Jimmy John

Jimmy John is always happy to see you and give hugs. He’ll also sit on your feet when he wants pets. That is not a requirement to be Dog of the Month, but it doesn’t hurt!

November Dog of the Month!

       Meet our dog of the month for November, Nicky! Nicky is an adorable little yorkie who was a little nervous to come visit us at The Dog Stop at first, but then when he realized how much fun it is, he never looked back! We love him so much, and we’re so […]

Maz- October Dog of the Month!

Meet our dog of the month for October- Maz! Maz is a pit/lab mix, who is sweet, spunky, and never seems to age! Even though Maz has gotten older and wiser since starting with The Dog Stop, he gives the young pups a run for their money! He is always up for a romp, a […]

September Dog of the Month- Bella!

Our September dog of the month is little Miss Bella, a sweet mini doodle who loves any and all attention- from staff, her friends in daycare, or our groomer! She is an adorable bundle of fluff and kisses, and we could not imagine The Dog Stop without her!

August Dog of the Month- Maizey!

Meet our dog of the month for August, Maizey! Maizey is a sweet chocolate lab with soulful eyes and tons of kisses to give! She loves playing with her friends in daycare, and never hold a grudge when we have to give her a bath if she’s romped too hard! Maizey’s been with us since […]

July Dog of the Month- Charlie!

Charlie is the cutest little mini doodle who steals the hearts of everyone he meets! Whether he is snuggling in the lap of a staff member, attending one of his friends birthday parties, or just doing zoomies outside, Charlie always has a blast when he comes to daycare! He is constantly making us laugh, and […]

May Dog of the Month- Fitz!

I’m Fitz! I’m an adorable little Havanese who loves vacationing at The Dog Stop! My favorite thing is hanging out with my friends in the teacup room, but I always have time for a snuggle or two! The staff love me so much and I always have so much fun here w ith my friends!