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Dog food and toys retail store – West Liberty


The Dog Stop – West Liberty, is committed to carrying products that will keep pets safe and healthy. Every brand of food we carry ranks a minimum of three stars, and many are limited-ingredient, grain and gluten-free, easily digested, and some are even made with human-grade ingredients. Whether it be specific foods for puppies, seniors, breed sizes, special diets, or general all-life-stages food.

Our Selection includes:

Dog Foods:                                                    Treats and Chews:
Dry kibble                                                           Single ingredient training treats
Canned wet food                                                USA Sourced Chews, bones & antlers
Freeze-dried                                                        Hypoallergenic & low fat options
Select raw diets                                                   Solutions for the toughest chewers

Supplements to promote:                        Dog Toys:
Joint Health                                                        USA Made
Digestion                                                            Solid Structure with natural materials
Allergy Relief                                                      Tough options for destructive chewers
Weight Gain or Loss                                           Interactive options to stimulate your dog

The Dog Stop® provides items that you can’t find in the big name pet retailers. This rule also applies to our innovative toy selection; an option can be found for any type of playstyle. In addition to treats, foods, and toys, The Dog Stop® carries a variety of health and safety products, such as flea treatments, calming products, collars, leashes and other walking tools. Retail experts are present at each The Dog Stop® location to help you choose the product best suited for your pet. Stop in today to see what you can find for your fur baby!