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From puppy class to therapy dog preparation and everything in between, The Dog Stop® offers a variety of Training services. Classes vary from group settings to one on one and take place in our facilities as well as your home. Please contact your local facility for their offerings and pricing.

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Obedience Class Pricing: $100 for 6 or $180 for 12, then $20 Each After First Package

Obedience Class: $100 for 6 or $180 for 12, then $20 Each After Initial 6 Classes

Puppy classes will teach basic obedience skills such as sitting, lying down, staying in place, coming when called, and walking on a leash without pulling.
We will also show you how to curb common puppy issues including jumping and mouthing. All new dogs must sign up for at least 6 classes initially, then pay as you go options available after.
Tuesdays 6:30-7:15p.m. Saturdays 11:00a-11:45a.m. & 12:00-12:45p.m.

Beginner classes will build upon the puppy class curriculum. In addition to basic obedience skills (sit, down, stay in place, come when called, walk without pulling), students will learn how to heel on a leash, greet others appropriately, and work under higher levels of distraction. All new dogs must sign up for at least 6 classes initially, then pay as you go options available after.

Thursdays 6:30-7:15

Saturdays 1:00-1:45 and 2:00-2:45

The intermediate class is for dogs that have attended at least 10 total classes at either puppy or beginner level. We will build upon the exercise taught in previous classes, as well as teach new skills. Puppy and beginner classes teach the foundation of obedience for a well-behaved dog. The intermediate class is to achieve reliability.
Content will include advanced heeling, increased distance and duration, high levels of distraction, new locations, tricks, and more. We will emphasize fading out food lures in favor of hand signals and verbal rewards, as well as decreasing dependence on training tools. If you are looking to continue challenging your dog and your self, join the intermediate class!Saturdays 10:00-10:45a.m.

Specialty Classes: $25/each

Urban agility is our adaptation of a traditional agility class, integrating obstacles, and treadmill training into a more compact space. Obstacle and treadmill training offers physical and mental challenges for any age or breed and helps foster trust, confidence, and teamwork between you and your dog. This class is open in format and no prior agility training is required. Urban agility is intended for recreation rather than competition, however, attendees will learn the foundation skills for the sport.

1st and 3rd Saturday each month 3:00-3:45 $25 each

Class Therapy Dogs International is an organization that certifies dog and handler teams to visit hospitals, assisted living facilities, other institutions and wherever therapy dogs are needed. Dogs must be at least 12 months to be eligible for testing, but it is never too early to begin preparing for the required exercises. Our preparation class will walk participants through the testing requirements and provide practical instruction on training a therapy dog. This class also helps prepare for the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen test.

2nd and 4th Saturday each month 3:00-3:45 $25 each

Play, Stay & Train:

Boot camp is an intensive training program in which your dog stays with us for two weeks or longer and is trained daily.
Our certified professional trainers custom tailor a regimen for each dog based on your goals. To have a well-behaved and balanced dog, it takes more than just the right training. Consistent daily structure, discipline, physical exercise, and mental stimulation are imperative. Although owners strive to meet these needs, busy lives can sometimes get in the way. At least two weeks of adherence to a routine will get dogs into good habits while significantly limiting the ability to practice unwanted behaviors. Many experts agree that it takes a minimum of two weeks to establish a new habit, as well as to extinguish an undesirable one. Our program helps habituate dogs to obedience in a fun, enriching environment.
Our facility has the resources to expose dogs to stimuli that prepare them for any situation that life may bring including dogs, strangers, bicyclists, joggers, heavy machinery, vehicle traffic, various noises, and more. Boot camp doesn’t replace group training for maintenance or private lessons for situational obedience but is the perfect fit to give dogs a solid foundation on which to build. Boot camp is ideal for dogs of any age that need to master general obedience including but not limited to staying in place, walking without pulling, greeting others politely, coming when called and responding to commands under a multitude of distractions. Please note that boot camp is not for all dogs.
We strive to create a program that is the best fit for each dog while keeping the dog’s best interest in mind. Due to the difference in housing at our facility compared to your home, house training cannot be achieved in this program. Nuisance behaviors caused by boredom, such as chewing and barking, are usually not an issue during boot camp but can return once the dog is at home again. To find out if your dog is a good candidate for boot camp, please call or email our trainers. Boot camp pricing includes lodging, training, daycare (when appropriate), and an hour of private training with the owner upon pickup.As scheduled in 2-week increments $1000

Instead of boarding for two weeks and being trained daily, your dog will be picked up each night after playing and training for the day. Day Camp is available Monday-Friday each week. A private lesson at the end of the second week is included. Day Camp is ideal for dogs that need the consistency and continuity of boot camp, but are not long-term boarding candidates.


Custom tailored training sessions while your dog is boarding.

30 minute session $40, 15 minute session $20

Custom tailored training sessions while your dog is here for daycare.

30 minute session $40, 15 minute session $20

Private Lessons

A private session at The Dog Stop Training Center that is tailored to your specific goals.
This could include obedience, scent detection, agility, treadmill training, or any specific activity or behavior the owner wishes to learn.$80/hour
A private session at The Dog Stop Training Center that is customized to address serious needs such as aggression, fear or separation anxiety.
Please consult with the training staff before requesting this type of appointment.$100/hour

Please email or call us at (412) 586-7878 to make arrangements.

Steps for Signing Up

  1. Create a Training Center Account here.
  2. Once logged in, select “Request Group Training”
  3. Choose each class you would like to attend.

Pre-registration is REQUIRED. Class sizes are limited to 8. You must sign up at least day before scheduled class.

What To Bring To Training Classes:

  • Treats
  • Treat pouch/bait bag
  • Six foot leash (please no retractable leashes)
  • Approved training equipment (collar & harness) – PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar, Easy Walk® Harness or Freedom No Pull Harness


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