March 2020 – Pac

Pac is always ready to go meet his friends when he arrives. He’s so laid back and mellow all the time.  He comes to play with his BFFs Schultz and Nico. Pac is such a sweetie and loves the human attention as well. We love having Pac here as he brightens up our day. PAC […]

February 2020 – Chelsi

Chelsi is so full of love and kisses! She’s so excited every time she comes to play with her BFF’s Doc and Rusty. Chelsi never turns down a tummy rub and can be quite a Diva at times. We love having her here and she brightens up our day! We love you Chelsi.

January 2020 – Zeke

Zeke is full of energy, fun loving, and has many furry friends at The Dog Stop. Not sure where that baby gets so much energy all of the time, but sure wish he’d share it! It’s always such a pleasure having Zeke come and play. He loves to snuggle, give kisses and likes playing follow […]

December 2019 – Kobe

Kobe is always happy and always full of energy. He’ll play with any dog-big or small. He has no fear and thinks everybody is here for him to play with. I think it’s safe to say that we all agree with him. He is such a sweet and loving furry baby. It’s such fun to […]

November 2019 – Athena

Athena is without a doubt, a DIVA! If she is unhappy or wants some attention, she will verbally let you know. We love Athena and all of her little quirks. It wouldn’t be a day at THE DOG STOP without Athena here. Every day is a new adventure!

August 2019 – Big Tex

Big Tex is just a big ole teddy bear! He is so laid back and mellow all the time. His best friend is Yoda. Yoda and Big Tex will play all day together and still love each other at the end of the day. We love you, Big Tex!


Isabella is such a sweet and loving dog. She looks over the daycare groups and helps us supervise while lounging on the play equipment. Her best friends are Romeo and Roux. We love you Isabella and always look forward to your sweet yet subtle kisses.

Dog of the Month August 2019- Mocha

Mocha is always full of energy, happy, lovable, and gets along with everyone. She loves playing in the water! She is the first one to play with the water hose then run inside to slip and slide across the floor. It is always such a pleasure to have Mocha.