Specialized Play Groups

Not all dogs play alike; that’s why we’re prepared for many different playgroups that are separated by size and play style.  Whether your pup is an 80-lb. herder or a 5 lb. wrestler, we will find the perfect playgroup complete with canine handler to lead the games and activities. It’s our goal to ensure that all of our guests are stimulated both mentally and physically while in our care.


Whether it’s our everyday low prices in our retail store or the all-inclusive overnight boarding rates we strive to give you the most for your money. Every service and offering is priced competitively based upon the local market. At The Dog Stop® there are no hidden fees or add on charges.

Open Door Policy for Non-Social Dogs

Day care isn’t for everyone. Whether your pup is unaltered, has physical limitations or just doesn’t like being bathed in slobbery kisses, you can be sure their stay at The Dog Stop® will be filled with fun and relaxation. Non-social dogs are given quality one-on-one time with a canine handler. This gives your pup a chance to burn off energy, engage in interactive games, and, of course, receive lots of puppy love.

All-Weather Play

Come rain, come wind, come three feet of snow or scorching heat, our pups have energy to burn! At the The Dog Stop® not only do we have year-round outdoor areas for playtime, we also provide and expansive climate-controlled indoor play areas. We can’t guarantee sunshine, but can guarantee a consistent fun and safe atmosphere for puppy playtime.

Enclosures (Kennels & Fencing)

We use both FRP and vinyl fencing in all of our day care facilities. Both materials are ideal when pitted against the elements (and hiked legs)! It also prevents climbing and keeps pups in the appropriate areas without the risk of scratching that comes with chain-link fencing. FRP and Vinyl fencing also protects dogs from excess stimulation and keeps them focused on playing with their canine friends and handlers. These surface are also antimicrobial and extremely easy to clean ensuring sanitary playing and sleeping areas for your pup.

Turf vs. Other Surfaces

Our puppy turf play-areas keep our guests happy by creating a durable grass-like experience. We have surfaces that are both easier on joints and less threatening for delicate paw pads and we go to great lengths to keep our play-areas clean and free of waste.

American Association of Canine Pack Handlers

Our staff is trained to manage packs of dogs according to AACPH standards. All handlers must pass written and physical tests to understand dog language and how to proactively deal with unwanted behavior.