How to exercise a senior dog


Unfortunately, our beloved dogs will not stay young forever. What may once have been a highly active pup will slowly become an aging dog with less energy and mobility. While this can be a sad timeline to oversee, your senior furry friends can still have fun by having more tailored, regular exercise.

See your veterinarian before starting a regular routine

Firstly, and most importantly, see your vet before starting your dog’s exercise program. You should ideally know your dog’s general wellbeing to see what programs will be suitable for their condition. Without a full diagnostic, you could be creating new health conditions or negatively influence their current condition.

It’s also a good idea to ask your vet about preventative exercises, or potential medication they may need for aches and pains.


Choose low impact exercise for your older dog

Dogs love walkies, regardless of age. Walking your dog in a park or the woods are both excellent choices for older dogs. However, keep in mind that older dogs are more sensitive to extreme temperatures. So be sure to keep them in moderate temperatures by avoiding excessive heat or cold.

Another aspect to pay attention to is your pace and distance. Older dogs are not only slower but also have less stamina. When walking, keep to a pace they can match with, and go for shorter walks. A long walk can tire your older dog more than you may think, so be sure to keep it short and sweet.

Another excellent exercise for your senior dog is swimming. While still being a total body workout, swimming is easy on their body and joints, making it a perfect program to include in your dog’s exercising program.



Start your dog’s exercises gradually

Exercising your senior dog is much like training a young puppy. Do things slowly and methodically for the best results. Slowly increase your exercises in time and difficulty with each passing week, but be patient, work together, and monitor their progress. Checking back in with your vet after a few months is a good way to see if what you’re doing is making progress. They’ll be able to check their weight, joint health and other indicators of good health.


Have some fun with their exercise!

Exercising your senior dog should be focused on fun and good health, rather than trying to get your dog stronger or faster. The last few seasons of your dog’s life can be hard for them, so try to incorporate things they really enjoy whether it’s a toy or a specific location.

If you don’t have the time to go exercising with your best furry friend, another great option is to take them to doggie daycare. We at The Dog Stop offer quality dog daycare that will cater to your dog’s size, age, and temperament. Our staff are constantly monitoring, playing with and offering care that will suit your dog perfectly.