Dog & Puppy Training

Best Dog Training Center in Richmond

From puppy class to therapy dog preparation and everything in between, The Dog Stop® offers a variety of Training services. Classes vary from group settings to one on one and take place in our facilities as well as your home. Please call 804-716-9735 for more information and pricing.


Puppy Classes (6 Week Program):

$185 / Mon 5-6PM / Sat 10-11AM – STARTING 4/19 & 4/24

Puppy classes cover basic obedience skills such as sitting, lying down, staying in place, coming when called, and walking on a leash without pulling. We’ll also show you how to curb common puppy issues including jumping and mouthing.

Beginner Classes (6 Week Program):

$185 / Mon 6-7PM / Sat 11AM-12PM – STARTING 4/19 & 4/24

Beginner classes will build upon the puppy class curriculum. In addition to basic obedience skills (sit, down, stay in place, come when called, walk without pulling), students will learn how to heel on a leash, greet others appropriately, and work under higher levels of distraction.

Boot Camp:

$120 / Weds 10AM-4PM – STARTING 4/21

Drop off your dog for a full day basic training. This course covers basic commands, such as leave, stay, sit, off, heal, down, come, etc. Includes 6 hours of daycare.