Leash Training: How To Walk Your Dog

How Do I Walk My Dog? 

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It can be hard as a first-time dog owner to know how to leash train your new dog. A walk with your dog will create a bond with you and your furry friend! Read along to learn more about the materials and ways to leash train your dog.


The leash should be the correct size, durable, and comfortable for you and your dog. We recommend at least 2 meters of leash so that you furry friend has room to explore.

Choose A Leash


A great way to motivate and reward your pup is to use  reward-based training. This will make your pup excited to learn and add an incentive for the correct behavior. Avoid verbal or physicals punishment to prevent any anxious and aggressive behavior.

Bring Treats!


Training should be fun for you both! Have you ever tried loose leash walking? To do this, reward your dog when they are not pulling. If your dog starts to pull, stand still temporarily so they learn this behavior means no walkies, and don’t continue until they return to your side!

Have Some Fun!


Another important part of training is to teach your dog to come when called, known as ‘recall’. Teach your dog to 'come' when called by using a long leash and rewarding them. Increase the distance gradually, practice off-leash at home, then in safe public areas once their recall is reliable with distractions.

Call Your  Dog's Name


Let's Recap! 

Leash Training and walking your dog can seem hard, but is actually easier than you think: 

• Choose a nice leash

• Bring Treats

• Make leash training fun

• Call your dog's name


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